Welcome back to another season in the FFUK mini league!

For those that have not been with us before Welcome to the FFUK Community! You can find all the latest news about the FFUK league, Prizes, Rules, Cups and much more on this site.


We are all systems GO for this season, the Official FPL game is open, therefore the FFUK mini league is also open. If you have been with us before you will be automatically re-entered and just need to pay your entry fee. For anyone new you will first need to join the league using the code: bpptuu

Once you are in, please invite your friends, family, colleagues to join us. Share this post with them or give them the relevant details so they can enter and pay their entry fee for the season.


Please arrange payment of your entry fee before the season starts by one of the following methods:

Click here to submit your entry fee to the PayPal FFUK Prizemoney MoneyPool

Or send your money via PayPal using

Alternatively transfer the funds to the account below:

C GALLOWAY sort 40 08 41 Account 1148 5237

If you are paying by bank transfer please use your name as reference and email us at to confirm.


What’s new this season?

As with every year we have made a considered effort to refine what we do at FFUK and this time round is no exception. We want to make this season the best and with that in mind we can announce some slight changes that we believe will make FFUK even better.

FFUK has been running since 2006 and the cost has always remained the same, this year is the 14th season running the league and we are now increasing the entry fee to £15. We have thought long and hard about this one for the last few seasons and think now is the right time to make the change. £15 for the season still works at less than 30p per week which is pretty amazing value we think. And there will be more prizes than ever before! 

We recognise that the number of teams overall may come down (for the first time ever) but we hope that the prize money doesn’t as the shortfall in numbers would be balanced out by the increase in entry fees. As always all entries go into the prize kitty and prize-money will be announced once the season is underway.

We are increasing the MOTM prize to £50 per month. We are also slightly changing how many we pay out at the top of the league as per below, that means more chance of winning a prize (as long as we get more than 150 in the league):

50 – 99 teams = Top 5 paid out

100 – 149 teams = Top 10 paid out

150 – 199 teams = Top 15 paid out

200 – 249 teams = Top 20 paid out

250+ teams = Top 25 paid out

There will be all the usual offering, including videos, articles, stats, and more… Loads more.

There will also be BIG prizes for best gameweek scores and for both the winners and runnersup in all the cup competitions.

Big Cup News

We also have a new man on board to help Pete with the running of the cups, and he loves a spreadsheet even more than Pete, expect more news soon on how these will work and expect more cupdates and generally more cup goodness as soon as we have confirmed numbers in the league. Everyone will get at least 2 months in the cup competitions this season. Plus we will also have a NEW 3rd special cup taking place in the 2nd half of the season – watch out for news of that one after Xmas!

To keep up to date with everything throughout the season join our Facebook Group, follow us on Twitter or if you want 24/7 updates then join the FFUK WhatsApp group.

If you have any questions at all, please drop either myself or Pete an email:

In the meantime make sure you have joined the FFUK league, pay your entry fee and start spreading the word, the more the merrier!


Can we beat last season’s total of 229? Only with your help do we stand a chance.


Chris & Pete


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