We are delighted to confirm both record number of players in the league and more importantly record prize money!

Big thank you to everyone for your payment and thanks especially to those of you who invited new players to the league. More on that later with the recruitment leader-board but right now I am sure you are all excited to hear just what you can win this season.

Firstly, in terms of record numbers the FFUK mini-league has 254 PLAYERS confirmed.* an increase of 25 from last season. 254 x £15 = a total prize pot of £3810. This is up over £1500 from last season!

Secondly there are more prizes than ever before with 42 DIFFERENT PRIZES TO WIN. Simply put, that means more chances to win £££.

The league winner will now win a ffuking magnificent £500, the most we have ever given away in a single prize! With the increase in entry fee we really wanted to pay out more places in the league and I can confirm that this season the TOP 20 will all be paid out. And we have seriously beefed up the payments to the top 10 to reward the very best FFUKers out there.

We also wanted to increase the MANAGER OF THE MONTH (MOTM) to £50 per month, every month. So we have. Good job by us.

With the CUPS we have a new man on board to help with the organization and updates of these and we now have a 3rd cup competition. All 3 cups will have Winners and Runners Up Prizes and in the big FFUK cup there will also be prizes for the losing semi finalists as well! Watch out for more news in the first international break.

For the BEST GW SCORE we will now have 4 prizes.

What that all means is more prizes, more chances to win and more to win when you do!

See below for all the details up for grabs this season:

1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 250
5th 200
6th 175
7th 150
8th 125
9th 100
10th 75
11th 65
12th 50
13th 45
14th 40
15th 35
16th 30
17th 25
18th 20
19th 15
20th 10
BEST GW 200   (1st £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £30, 4th £20) 
MOTM 500   (£50 x 10)
CUP 1 – THE FFUK CUP 250   (£150, £50, £25, £25)
CUP 2 – THE MILK PLATE 150   (£100, £50)
CUP 3 – POST XMAS SPECIAL CUP 100   (£75, £25)

All prizes will be paid out at the end of the season!

*Part of the reason for the delay in announcing these prizes is because FPL have a new website and we have been unable to remove teams until recently. For those of you with a keen eye you may have noticed there are actually 256 in the league at present as there are 2 non payers that still need to be removed but we are unable to at this moment. They will be removed soon. 254 is the number of paid managers we have in the league.

For anyone involved in the CONTS MINI LEAGUE this was an additional £5 entry and the mini league was capped at 50 entrants which means a prize pot of £250. In this one there is only one prize, only one FFUKer left standing and they take home the crown along with £200 plus a £50 donation going to Football Beyond Borders. For more information about this league check out the CONTS MINI LEAGUE page on the site.

For anyone luckily enough to be invited into the exclusive FFUK H2H LEAGUE this is another £5 entry, 19 in the league, with prizes paid out to the top 2 at the end of the season. 1st place takes £60 and 2nd place £35.


With all those prizes announced for the end of the season, it is now time to look at the pre-season prizes on offer and in particular, the recruitment leader-board. Massive thanks to all 30 of you involved in this. Without your help we wouldn’t have achieved the 77 new players we did. But we promised prizes so let’s confirm who has won what.


The top trio of FFUKers above, so Tim McEwan, Dean Collins and Stuart Newton all deserve extra special thanks for their efforts so they have won a rare and some would say priceless gift – A LIMITED EDITION FFUK MUG. Sported by Pete in the pic below. Currently there are just 5 of these in existence in the world and I know Pete and I wouldn’t sell ours for any price (although we are both open to offers). Send over your address now and we will send it out to you.


But it doesnt end there and we also have a little something for everyone who recruited 2 or more players so if Danny Finnigan, Ross Smith, Ben Eastwood, James Page-Chatton, Trevor Dennison, Damian O’Neill, Grant Lawrie, Sean Colohan, Steve Coffen, James Amar, Dean Cummings, Jamie Stewart and Steven Almond can all get in touch with their postal address we will also send them a little prize for their efforts.

I almost forgot Matt Reid and Sam Blake who also win spot prizes for the best footballer photo (below) and for guessing the price of Pepe. Again send over your address boys and your prize will be sent out!


That’s it then. We can now crack on with the season!

Good luck to all involved, unless I am up against you in the cup of course!



Here is Allan Tomkins with his trophy from last time, who will win this and £500 at the end of the season?



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