Welcome to the GW3 REVIEW RIDE ON TIME

Before we begin, hopefully by now you have seen the Prize Money Announced post on the site which confirms record prize money, record numbers of different prizes and also confirms the pre-season prizes won. If you are one of the pre-season winners please ensure you send us your address so we can send your prize out!

Back to the week that was in FPL… After my early WC last week, I was hoping for rapid improvement. I will settle for reasonable improvement. Nothing too dramatic but not as horrendous as what came before. I have put those opening two weeks behind me and face the rest of the season with a renewed vigor. We are sent these challenges from time to time to remind us that this is not easy. There is no simple solution. It’s a painstaking process, drawn out over 38 long weeks and there will be ups but at least as many downs. Get set.

For a tune this week how about the 90s dance classic RIDE ON TIME, reading the lyrics it is obvious now that it was written about FPL. I should have listened to this before I bought in Kane last week… but he was such a hot temptation! And the last two lines are very relevant to our longstanding love of the game. There must be another verse about getting off the Kane train I haven’t heard.

“You’re such a hot temptation

You just walk right in

Walk walk walk right in

“And time wont take

My love away”


dream team GW3.jpeg
How many of these do you own?

Mo Salah (15) is top scoring player of the week for the first time this season (and probably not the last). Much to the annoyance of Wildcarders who thought they could be clever by transferring Mo to Mane to save a mill.

Up top check out the tasty trio of FWD options Tammy (13), Haller (13) and KUN (13) all fluttering their eyelashes knowingly at us. Do you fancy any of them?

Maybe you are more interested in cheap options at back Engels (9), Vestergaard (9)or even Gunn (7) in goal!


Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 08.56.45

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 08.56.49

Top of the league and therefore in pole position for MOTM for August is Neil Stewart (1st) but its by the narrowest of margins from Justin McCarthy (2nd) who is only behind by virtue of the fact he has made one more transfer than Neil. It literally couldn’t be closer. GW4 is the last gw in august. All to play for!

Best score in the top 10 goes to The Cakemaker, Adam Cox (6th) with a very healthy 65 scored. Captain Mo (15 x 2) was the perfect start but Adam also owns a certain Aguero (13) along with Raz (8) and McGinn (6) which ensured a positive week and see’s Legs 11 moving up the league!

Best scorer in the top 50 goes to Lawrence Sprigings (30th) with 73 scored. “The Sprig” was a front runner in the league for a lot of last season but lost out in the end, so it will be interesting to see how he performs this time round.

At the other end of the scale Jason Beal (47th) could only muster up 27 points, not enough in anyone’s language.



It was another tense week in the CONTS MINI LEAGUE. Statto Steve was on hand, as usual, with the updates on Saturday but then it all went quiet on Sunday as the games unfolded. Was everything ok? We didn’t know.

We did know that James Simpson had played his WC and was sitting on 6 points going into Sunday, he needed something incredible to save him and it never happened as he mustered just 27 points at the end of the GW. That was not enough to save him. But who would follow him? Well it turns out our very own Statto Steve Cronin was also struggling on 33 points, more than struggling in fact as he was the other to be evicted. Steve and James will both be removed before GW4. Craig Sharman and Nick Hardie both narrowly avoid eviction with 34 points accrued. Next week it is another double eviction, there is no respite. We go again.



Ino injury time and there is a lot of FFUK goodness coming your way very soon…

Pete is sending round his brand new newsletter soon plus our new man in charge of the Cups, Paul Baker will be in touch during the international break with all the news about how they will work this season!

We have also just scheduled in the next FFUK meet up, taking place once again in London but this time on a Saturday as for some this makes logistics easier. Saturday 19th October SAVE THE DATE, for those who aren’t aware that is the date of Man Utd vs Liverpool game which is handy. We may well end up going to the same place as last time as it worked well, near Waterloo but news on all that to come. For now put the date in your diary!

save the date 2018

We are also planning another video soon for you guys, I was thinking of maybe asking some of the new players in the league if they wanted to join us and introduce themselves to the rest of the league. If you fancy it then let us know and we will begin planning. Otherwise if you fancy writing something or anyalysing some stats please get in touch and you can put something on the site. We are always keen to get new FFUKers involved. Knowledge or skill isn’t necessary just show willing and we will love you forever!

Apologies this has been a bit of a rushed review, thanks as always for reading and remember to look after yourself and each FFUKer!

Good luck for GW4!



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