Welcome to the GW13 Review – Magic Bus

The tune of the week is a tribute to Jose, who seems to be much happier than he was at United. His press conferences are awesome again. Tottenham are about to ride the magic bus or at the very least park it.

I thought i’d have a go at writing a review. I have been playing fantasy football since the early days. When to figure out your score, you had to manually add up your players points from print in the paper. You had to post (a letter) to do a transfer and you could only do 2 a season!

FPL is great and FFUK is brilliant. However, sadly, FFUK has not helped me have a better team. A few seasons ago I did win a league with 30ish people. To be honest my only real goal is beating my cousin, Ben Eastwood. I have every season, apart from one when Villa got relegated and I was too upset to watch any EPL!

My season isn’t going great- downstars (175th) but at least i am not too far behind my Dad- Andrew Downie (79th) and leading my cousin- Ben Eastwood (203rd) but that’s enough about my team.  

I was thinking- was the main reason for introducing VAR to take pressure off referees? If it was it has worked. Now VAR is a w*nker, and we are easier on refs. I hate the way you can’t celebrate a goal when it goes in- you now have to wait and cheer the review! I am sure you have all seen the below but i have included my 2 favourite WTF’s. I could discuss my opinions on VAR for ages but i think i need to let it go…

Aston Villa played Newcastle on Monday night.  If any PL fixture shouts “last on MOTD” this is it. Although the fist fight (pic at bottom) in 2005 was exciting. Actually Villa were good but Newcastle looked awful, and now villa have won more games than they did last time in the EPL.

To me no results were shocking this GW. What is shocking is Man U drawing with Sheffield United isn’t a shock. Leicester continue their impressive run and Liverpool squeeze another away win. Everton were poor as usual. Obviously Jose got off to a good start, and the other half of North London seem a mess.

19 FFUKers captained Sterling (2) (including my Dad) So it was very cruel when VAR disallowed the goal- miles offside as can be seen below.


In this week’s Dream Team Jamie Vardy (12) continued his impressive goalscoring run. Lacazette (12) also reminded us he can be an option if he stays fit.

In midfield it was Hourihane (14), Son (13) and Fleck (13) all with a goal and assist plus bonus.

Tarkowski (17) was the biggest points provider of the week he got a goal, assist and cleanie along with max bonus – This is in addition to the 12 points he scored last week!


This week we have a new joint leader Allan Tomkins (1st) who joins Justin McCarthy (2nd) at the FFUK summit. Matt Reid (20th) and James Prebble (8th) are both in the top 20 with the huge GW scores of 83 and 84 respectively. Although Matt’s team is much better as he has super Jack in it!

The happiest FFUKer this week was James Nalepa (126th) with 85 points. His Auba (10) captain was ok but then he had points coming in from all angles. Schmeichel (6), Chilwell (8) and the top scoring player of the GW Tarkowski (17), Cantwell (10), Mane (9), Vardy (12) and Jiminez (7) all returned in style – Well played!


Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league?

This weeks unlucky cont is Paul Browne who managed just 43 points. He lasted longer than me- and survived every double eviction and crashed out on the first single eviction. It’s single evictions now until the end of the season!


Before I go there is time for a quick cupdate from Bakes as the ties in both the FFUK Cup and the Milk Plate all conclude this weekend – how are you getting on in yours?

With one round to go in the FFUK Cup, round 2: Sam Parker has the biggest cushion, leading his tie by 111 points (I’m second with a lead of 89 😃).

On the flip side 15 (!) of 64 fixtures are being led by <10 points, with no draws. Stu Allen/Alex Kassner is tied up on 206. Neil Stewart leads Roni Friel by 7 points. And Justin McCarthy leads Tim McEwan by 6. All to play for in these.

The Justin/Tim tie has the highest aggregate score (470) with the lowest aggregate score between Matthew Page-Chatton and Rachel Lynch (242) – a tie Matt leads by 38. Watch out for more cup news coming your way soon including news of a brand new 3rd cup competition!


This weekends fixtures look tasty with a full set of fixtures to follow in midweek as well. After IBS (International break syndrome) the EPL is well and truly back.  An almost guaranteed 6 points for villa @Man U and @ Chelsea!

Its a good-bye from me James Downie (175th) and IBS (until next year anyway).


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