Its Tough At The Top

I’ve chosen this little liquid DnB classic of Lock Stock fame to sum up this game week. Citeh went from 2nd to 4th Liverpool stretching their lead to 8 points… “once I haaaad a dream” is a line in the tune Mr Klopp wants it changed to “and now I’m a believer” (but that would sound rubbish if I’m sticking on the tune theme!) Chelsea and Leicester fans must also be buzzing by what’s going on at their clubs too!

If its Tough at the Top then its certainly Tough at the Bottom – Only Watford (with their first win of the season) in the bottom 3, the other 2 being Southampton and Norwich, have won a game in the last 6 matches – The Pukki Party is a distant memory!

There is a mini battle of who can be the worst team in Claret and Blue, then there is Everton and Spurs, all being looked down upon by the Geordies! Bruce ain’t no Rafa but is doing OK.

But what about the FFUKing league I hear you cry? As I type this, my haul of 68pts puts me in 69th position – Oooh Matron! Not bad for a bloke 8 years married… Boom, boom! Apart from being here all week, I’m starting to think top half of P2 is my natural habitat, which I think I’ll take without giving up hope! With a current Total of 666 I think that’s a befitting score for an International Break and I may crack open a can of goat’s blood to celebrate!


2 of the top 3 FFUKers had Red Arrows meaning we have a new leader in Justin McCarthy with a very respectable 84 points, well played Sir. Allan Tomkins (75pts) 2nd and Tom McEwan (80pts) 3rd didn’t exactly have poor GW’s but as they say lads…. Its Tough at the Top!

In the top 20 there were 4 non movers with Grant Lawrie (79pts) being the highest to stand still in a very impressive 4th position. There were 4 Red Arrows, 2 of which previously mentioned were in the top 3. There was a whopping 13 Green Arrows meaning the top 20 looks very different this week than in GW 11 – did I mention…. Its Tough at the Top lads!

Most notably for the folks in the WhatsApp group our “very own” and usually “very shite” James Page-Chatton (20th) has snuck into the top 20 with a GW score of 78pts – Well done Jimmy, keep up the good work la!


So what about the players that contributed to our varying degree of emotions in GW12 – We have to call out the high scoring popular captains in Vardy (12pts) and Tammy (8pts) but it really was the week when shopping in Primani would serve you better than Harrods! Which could explain why our resident tight arse Daron Russell chipped in with an impressive 85pts.

The top scoring keeper and back 4 would all give you change from £5m, Pope 9pts, Tarkowski 12pts, Clarke 10pts & Tamori 9pts.

Neves 11pts and Davies 10pts were both at a miserly £5.3m each in the middle of the park. Whilst we are looking at Mids – Hilson 10pts is only £6.0m and Martial with the same score is by far from premium priced at £7.7m, even Bilva’s 10pts would give you change from £8m.

Upfront Deulofeu’s 12pts came from a shrewd £6.0m investment and Vardy is certainly looking value at £9.6m. It’s no coincidence that it was announced today that Inflation in the UK is at the lowest it’s been for many years, however Roni Friel (13th) is doing well at driving inflation though; his team value is obscene!


Its Tough at the Bottom

So the last of the dreaded Conts double evictions happened in GW12 – we have to open the trap door for Mark Tarbox (52pts) and Ben Pycz (53pts) – well played gents for getting this far but you will be seeing one less league in your profile this week! You only live twice!

For those of you reading who are still a Cont – it’s one Cont a week from now on and best of luck.

So that’s it from me folks, its been emotional! I have the pleasure of passing the baton over to Villa’s finest in James Downie next GW,

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