Cup 3: FFUK Champions League – How TO QUALIFY

In my previous post I described how the third FFUK Cup, the FFUK Champions League, will work this season. It’s fiendishly complicated – don’t blame me, blame UEFA! Check out the how it works post to find out more, but beware, it’s long and may take a few read-throughs to follow it (I did my best)!

As 79 teams qualified for the Champions League in 2019/20, so 79 teams will qualify for the FFUK Champions League:

Qualification for the FFUK Champions League will finish at the end of January (GW24). We will make the draw in GW25, with associated announcements about when each team will enter the competition, ahead of the competition starting in Gameweek 26 (when the Champions League returns).

There are several ways to qualify for the competition, with inspiration taken from the notion of a “Champions” League – i.e. you need to have won something, accomplished something or contributed something in order to qualify:

  1. The top 20 managers from last season’s FFUK
  2. The two cup winners (FFUK Cup and Milk Plate) from last season’s FFUK
  3. Top 5 new entrants to FFUK this season as at GW24
  4. The six managers of the month for August to January
  5. The highest points scorers in each Gameweek (up to Gameweek 24)
  6. Up to ten teams will qualify among those left in the FPL Cup at Gameweek 24 (last season eight teams were left at this stage). If more than 10 teams are left in the FPL Cup at Gameweek 24, the ten places will go to those with the highest overall scores
  7. Top Junior in FFUK at GW24
  8. Writing a post on the FFUK website this year (2019)

In the event of a tie, all teams qualify. All scores are taken direct from the FPL website. Gameweek high-scores therefore do not include hits, and hits taken in the first week of a Gamemonth are not recorded in Gamemonth scores.

You can, of course, only qualify once and you need to qualify by right. Qualification DOES NOT pass to the next highest scorer by any of the above routes. After the above there will likely still be around 10 places left. The remaining places will be filled by the corresponding number of teams as determined by the highest scorers in GW24.

The draw will take place shortly after GW24 has concluded (date/time TBC). All qualifiers will be listed in descending order according to their position in FFUK (total) at the time of the draw taking place and each will be drawn one of the 79 Champions League qualifiers from “the hat”.

42 managers have already qualified and are listed below (in italics if already qualified by another route). Duncan Galloway is in the esteemed position of having already qualified three times! That still only means one entry though Duncan!

Allan TomkinsTop 20 from 2018/19
Jordan DavisonTop 20 from 2018/19
Nick JohnsTop 20 from 2018/19
sean colohanTop 20 from 2018/19
john HarperTop 20 from 2018/19
Neill GoodwinTop 20 from 2018/19
mark leathemTop 20 from 2018/19
Vince .SiracusaTop 20 from 2018/19
Tim McEwanTop 20 from 2018/19
James AmarTop 20 from 2018/19
Jamie StewartTop 20 from 2018/19
Lewis BellTop 20 from 2018/19
Paul ReidTop 20 from 2018/19
Damien O’NeillTop 20 from 2018/19
Marcus BlowersTop 20 from 2018/19
Daron RussellTop 20 from 2018/19
Lawrence SprigingsTop 20 from 2018/19
Steve CroninTop 20 from 2018/19
Chris GallowayTop 20 from 2018/19
Ben PyczTop 20 from 2018/19
Allan TomkinsFFUK Cup Winner from 2018/19
Tom NewmanMilk Plate Winner from 2018/19
Steven MountfordManager of the Month (August)
David SullivanManager of the Month (September)
Duncan GallowayManager of the Month (October)
Peter HayesManager of the Month (November)
Steven WatsonGW1
Malek MansourGW2
Lawrence SprigingsGW3
Sean GriffinGW4
David SullivanGW5
Chris NormanGW6
Jason BealGW7
Ryan CorbettGW8
Duncan GallowayGW9
Paul ReidGW10
Peter HayesGW11
Duncan GallowayGW12
Stuart AllenGW12
Jez PennGW12
James NalepaGW13
Glen JohnsonGW14
Neill GoodwinGW15
Matt PackhamGW16
Scott HassellGW16
Chris GallowayPost writer
Pete CroninPost writer
Paul BakerPost writer
Matt ReidPost writer
Damien O’NeillPost writer
Duncan HanniganPost writer
James DowniePost writer/Logo designer
Jamie StewartPost writer
Stu AllenPost writer
Justin McCarthyPost Writer

37 places remain. Good luck to all those that qualify!



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