Well what a Christmas treat that GW was, full of drama, controversy and a mix of template and differential points a plenty! As its Christmas in FFUK terms AKA Boxing day fixtures I’ve given you x2 tunes to enjoy in this GWR, I hope you enjoy them as much as you did reading about Stu’s “5 inch weapon”? And I’ve gone all Norther Soul on you this week boys… There is an argument that Maxine Knight is more Disco than Northern Soul but I’m not having it, either way there is no arguing that its “Right Back where this GW started from”
Well its alright and its coming home we got to get right back to where we started from. A lot of Liverpool fans relating to this currently, they might just win the league this season.

Your game week success basically came down to one Right Back this week though!! The Scouser in our team! Trent Alexander-Arnold. With a whopping 24 points it’s the only place to start from. If you owned Trent you had a good game week, its as simple as that, if you didn’t, well you didn’t, and if you where one of the 165,000 managers who had him on your bench then you arguably had an even worse week than not owning him at all… Chris Galloway? Tim Snow-Patrol?

The flip side to this TAA haul of points was a shocking return from Leicester assets if you owned Ndidi, Tielemans, Praet or Vardy then well done you! They were the only players to score 2 points, everyone else was 1 point or even worse 0 points including the heavily owned Chilwell and Söyüncü.
The back line produced some differentials with Heaton in nets with 10 pts, and if you had a back 3 of TAA 24 pts, Sidibe 12 pts and Webster 10pts, Websters 10 points impressive considering BHA conceded 2 goals! Clean sheets meant decent scores for Southampton, Villa, Everton and Liverpool, Southampton cleanie proving particularly template busting away at Chelsea and Tammy owners and ones who captained him especially left frustrated – so much so a lot of folks have sold and his price has dropped since. Danny Ings being benched hurt many in that fixture too (myself included).

Spurs in the form of Alli 8pts, and Kane 8pts rewarded their owners, especially Coolers who triple captained Kane to amass a very impressive 82 pts this week. Well played Shaggy!
Meanwhile UTD got in their groove against Newcastle racking up a 4-1 home victory with Tony M 15pts being the stand out performer, Rashford owners left satisfied if not overwhelmed with his 6 pts. Sheffield UTD or just United as they are known on the WhatsApp group keep delivering decent returns, hand up if you own Norwood and his 10 pts? Boxing day was rounded up with a Brace from Bobby and 12 pts and Ayew matching that score, some lovely goals in them points too.
It was arguably the game on the 27th (haven’t a clue what actual day it is / was) that produced the most in terms of points and drama. And its at this point that I can squeeze in my 2nd tune of the Review and its probably my most favourite Northern Soul tune of all in homage to Raheem Sterling and his impressive 10 pts & brace v Wolves, that’s right pop pickers it’s Al Wilson and The Snake.

What drama – Pep had his keeper sent off meaning Ederson got you and when I say “YOU” I actually mean James Page-Chatton a painful -3. But then they scored TWICE, Sterling has to take a penalty TWICE, meaning Patrico conceded TWICE but still got 6 points.
KDB chipped in with an assist and 5 pts but the big hitters other than The Snake where Traore and Jimenez who got a goal and an assist TWICE between them and then The Doc turns up at the end to score the 89th minute winner and 8pts from Doherty.


Screenshot_20191228_122301 (1)
In the FFUK league Joe Warrington crashes into the Top 20 (20th) with a whopping 95 points but on the other side of things spare a thought for Simon Cockram in 191st place who’s entire team scored the same amount of points as TAA with a 24 point total return….. Ouch.


The Conts is hotting up as we go into the 2nd half of the season but not for Dean Collins who has been evicted, well done for making the half way stage nonetheless Dean!
I’m passing the baton over to Damien O’Neil for next week’s GW Review – I’m wondering if Damo will add an antipodean slant on the next GWR as he writes it from down under – Will the tune be Kylie and Jason’s classic “Especially for you”? In only a very short amount of time we’ll find out!
Enjoy the rest of the Christmas break FFUKers, and good luck for the final games of 2020!
Duncan ‘YNWA’ Hannigan

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