‘I was caught, in the middle of the railroad track, I looked round and I knew there was no turning back…….you’ve been Thunderstruck or Teamsheetffuked‘.  As I am wiring this from the land down under in a town they like to call BrisVegas I thought, who better than Acca Dacca for our soundtrack for this weeks review. For any Powderfinger fans it would have been “My Happiness’ had Salah not destroyed my GW again. Maybe if writing this review proves cleaning for the soul, I will include it at the end. A little incentive to keep reading! 

There was panic on the streets of London as ffukers everywhere suddenly sat up and double checked their bench once the Saturday  team sheets started to unfold. Would they even manage to field 11 players? No was the answer for many but alas it wouldn’t be the bench fodder of the 1 point here or there that would be important. it would be, as is so often the case, a wise captain or vice captain that would prove to be the important differential in deciding who advances in the FPL cup, wins the MOTM or more importantly made it through to the next round of the FFUK Cup.

The biggest surprise of all coming out of the London stadium with the sensational Brendan rotating half the Leceister team. The real shock was that scoring machine, ‘its Jamie Vardy’ was not even on the bench as he was attending his the birth of his child. No names yet released but both both Wayne or Coleen are the current bookies favourites. This news would prove a Godsend for many ffukers however as the 50 who had placed the armband on him avoided a double 1 pointer from a potential late substitution appearance and many enjoyed the benefits of a vice on KDB (14) or Mane (11). In fact, unlike GW 19 it was a very fruitful return for the captain picks with just Salah & Sterling blanking from the top 7 captains selected including Marcus Rashford’s 95th minute goal was a 7 pointer (4+3 bps) and a very frustrating one at that to non-owners. 

Spurs continue to both frustrate and confuse while at the same time tease with hope that we should keep faith in their assets. Serge own goal for a -1 score. A tidy 8 points from Harry Kane, a  disallowed goal form an OOP striker Dele Alli. Lucas Moura benched, then gets the assist then gets booked. Spurs are just so Spursy. Personally Aurier is getting the bullet this week an I am giving Deli 1 more GW, but if I hadn’t any of their players I wouldn’t be investing. 


The carnage of rotation wasn’t over on Sunday either with the news that Wolves rested 4 players including arguably their 3 most fancied FPL assets, Raul, Traore and the Doc. With Traore being the most purchased player this GW following his heroics against Man City just 45 hours earlier, his 176k new owners were undoubtedly frustrated with just 1 point. They weren’t the only ones however. As a Salah owner who I entrusted with the armband for the 2nd GW running, again, he flattered to deceive and did very little against a weakend and weary legged Wolves defence. Liverpool seem to have finally sorted out their defence with 4 cleanies on the bounce, however this has come at some cost to their prowess at the other end. Double Pool defenders anyone? 

Any opportunity for a pic of lovely Roy. He’s like the granny that always had sweets when you called around on Sunday. Oh and Danny Ings(9 PTS) is the new Matt Le Tisser.

The GW finished with news that not even the most ardent of ffukers could have been prepared for. Lord Luddy Lundstram was out of the Man City clash with a slight strain. Perhaps the rumours are true after all. He is, infact, human. Sheffield Utd will certainly feel hard done by in this game as they literally were playing against 12 men and VAR and weird blurry lines on a laptop but for any owners of their players, they looked very accomplished at the highest level and I wouldn’t be in any rush to ditch just yet. Oh and some guy called Aguero started and scored and is £11.7m. Watchlist updated. 

In terms of FFUK, a special mention to Alex Kassner who had the highest GW score. 83 points is a phenomenal effort in a week with such rotation. He has jumped form 134k to 59k or more importantly, 11th in the FFUK league. How many transfers did Alex make to navigate such a turbulent and unpredictable GW I hear you ask? Zero!

From Hall of Fame to Hall of Shame. – Sam Douglas recorded the lowest GW score with just 28 points on the board. 

Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league?

Conts Update

With so many Vice Captains in play it was impossible to know who was going to face the axe as we settled in for our Sunday fixtures. Then as Liverpool’s game ended it became clear that I was one of the ones closet to chop. In the end it came down to myself, (51) Sam Blake(46) and JPC(44).

Even though James Page Chatton had the Ginger Prince it wasn’t enough to save him and in a week where I also knocked out his junior, Matthew, it wasn’t a good GW for the Page-Chatton’s. Although now that Liverpool have practically sealed their first PL title, I’am sure that’s softened the blow for the Liverpool lads. 

That’s all from me folks, I have one more week of GW deadlines at 9:30pm and games running though the night, ready for a bingewatch on the highlights website the following morning.

Shout out to this website

A Merry Christmas to you all and have a cracking New Year. See you in 2020. 

Damo, Sonbelievable Current FFUK Rank – 32nd

Oh and one more thing

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