CUPDATE – FFUK Cup and Milk Plate Latest – GW30+

As the Gameweeks come thick and fast under Project Restart I’ll be writing short posts to update the community on how things stand.

As a reminder we left the FFUK Cup and Milk Plate in their quarter-final stage. This round was to have been contested in the March Gamemonth, consisting of three Gameweeks – the first the those, GW29, had been played prior to lockdown. These Cups will continue progress with the new Gameweeks assigned to the old Gamemonths, so:

  • Quarter-Finals/March Gamemonth = GW29, GW30+ and GW31+
  • Semi-Finals/April Gamemonth = GW32+, GW33+, GW34+ and GW35+
  • Finals/May Gamemonth = GW36+, GW37+ and GW38+

Each re-calculated Gamemonth will work in accordance with how Gamemonths are traditionally reported – most importantly that hits taken in the first week of the Gamemonth (or cup round) DO NOT COUNT. Thereafter they do, and hits are subtracted from scores.

Of course, we all had unlimited transfers for GW30+ and so hits were irrelevant, so I have simply added the latest Gameweek (GW30+) scores to those I had recorded for GW29. I can therefore report that, with one week remaining, we have the following standings across the two competitions:

1Justin McCarthy145vsJamie Stewart136
2Paul Browne129vsJamie Stephens183
3Paul Baker171vsTrevor Dennison121
4Stuart Allen146vsJohn Willson162
FFUK Cup Quarter-Final Standings
1Neil Sutherland146vsNick Johns173
2Pete Cronin163vsChris Webb150
3Andrew Fogaty136vsBen Carter171
4James Downie120vsMatt Frost85
Milk Plate Quarter-Final Standings

More often than not ties are being led by overwhelming points differences due to the vagaries of the DGW performances. The greatest interest for the neutral will be in the Justin McCarthy (3) vs JDS (9) FFUK Cup fixture which Justin leads by a slender 9 points. Stuart Allen (49)‘s 16 point deficit vs John Willson (69) is also not insurmountable.

In the Milk Plate only the Pete Cronin (36) vs Chris Webb (17) fixture remains contested with the other three looking done and dusted.

The FFUK Cup draw in full can be found on this Google Sheet, while the version for the Milk Plate can be found here. Following this round of fixtures there will need to be a draw for the FFUK Cup – on which, more to follow.

Good luck to all still involved in both Cups.



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