GW 30+ = DREAM

Was it all just a dream? A season. A season cancelled. A season came back like it never went away. FPL give us unlimited transfers, and a double gameweek, from nowhere.

Most of us dreamt of all our double gameweek players smashing it both games. An Ederson (12)/Henderson (13) combo in goal was the way to go, with no other City defenders playing both games, and Arsenal, Villa, and Sheffield United inevitably not seeing double clean sheets.

Mahrez (21) played 124 minutes scooping an assist and a brace, while I’m not sure many of us punted on Phil Foden (22) playing 103 minutes and scoring 3 GOALS!!!

There were a few nightmares too, Egan (3) came away with points despite a red card in the second match, and Auba (4) (see Arsenal) failed us all. But if you want to wake up with the sweats try putting David Luiz (-3) in your team.

As a sample of the gameweek, I’ve had a quick look at some interesting picks from notable FFUKers:

Top 5 Dream Picks

  1. Duncan Hannigan (55th) – Mahrez (21)
  2. Sean Colohan (183rd) – Armstrong (13)
  3. Damien O’Neill (20th) – Henderson (13)/Ederson (12)
  4. Tim McEwan (6th) – Van Aanholt (12)
  5. Paul Baker (1st) – David Silva (12)

Top 5 Nightmare Picks

  1. Paul Baker (1st) – Luiz (-3)
  2. Chris Galloway (141st) – Ozil (0)
  3. Pete Cronin (36th) – Greenwood (1)
  4. Stuart Newton (77th) – Abraham (1) (with Ings (11) stuck on bench)
  5. Jamie Stewart (9th) – Samatta (2)

Some 53 FFUKers hit the century, with 27 of them in the current Top 50.

Notably, 11 of the current FFUK Top 20 hit the heights. Tim McEwan (6th) scored a very respectable 117 points while Marc Speer (10th) larged the upper echelons with his 129. Paul Baker (1st) styled out the gameweek with 109 points to keep his lead at the top of 60 points. With just 8 games left and no likely doubles to come, this looks like an impressively healthy lead.

In our Project Restart post we informed FFUKers of a new prize, with a twist to boot, particularly relevant to GW30+. The highest GW scorer of each of the remaining gameweeks receives a £15 prize, and this week that prize goes to Joseph Coliass (46th) with 103 points, well done! Joe wins the prize on overall rank despite Sean Colohan (183rd) matching his score. Unlucky Coolers, however there is that twise.

The twist is that both of these FFUKers have submitted there scores for the Best GW Score prize, and, being that GW30+ we had unlimited transfers, there are no hits to take into account. This means that Coolers and Joe now share the top spot of the Best GW Leaderboard, and in line to share the top prize of £100. There are prizes of £50 for 2nd place, £30 for 3rd place, and £20 for 4th place still up for grabs. Currently Neill Goodwin is in 2nd with 113 points and Steven Mountford sits 3rd with 112 points. The final place is pretty much for the taking.

Please note that no other high scores for GW30+ can be submitted, as each place is awarded to a different gameweek (this is so that all Best GW Score prizes are not won in the same gameweek).

But if you have a Best GW Score over 83 points, for any other gameweek this season, it’s worth submitting it as you may get 4th spot. And if you have a better score than Neill or Steven you should definitely get on it!

Best of luck.

Time is Running Out

And finally, it wouldn’t be a gameweek without kicking someone out of the Conts League and this week that player is to a somewhat unlucky Trevor Dennison (89th). You’ve had a good run Trev, but your time is done. 8 players are still in the mix for a prize of 200 big ones, four of those are in the FFUK Top 20 and the others… may well have an eye on this one.

Well that’s me, I’m off to take some gambles on my team for GW31+. Shall I play Greenwood? Nketiah? Do I stick with Mane captain? I have about 7 hours to decide so I better get cracking.

Be good to yourselves, and each FFUKer,


Promises, promises

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