Hey, yea, yea, yea, oh yeah FFUKers…

Annoyingly, no one scored ninety-eight!!

Liverpool won the trophy without kicking a ball on Thursday

The mojo is back for top-scoring Chris Galloway (102nd)

There’s NO Conts death-row pardon for Matt Reid (25th) of late

Ruthless and ironic… Don’t you think?

It’s the nine clean sheets that are the ‘order of the day’.

It’s the Free Hits that eleven people played

It’s the defending ‘advice’ that Norwich just didn’t take

By Everton they were out fought… It figures!

Mr. Former Champ (JDS 8th) up the table he does fly

Playing his Wildcard, Daz Russell (13th) kissed KDB (8) goodbye

Liverpool waited their whole damn life to win the Premiership fight

And as Man City crashed down Klopp thought

“Well isn’t this nice…”

A ‘tainted’ title is ironic… Don’t you think?

It’s high scoring defenders that are the ‘order of the day’

It’s the Wildcards that thirty-three people played

It’s the ‘hands-off’ advice that Fernandinho (-1) just didn’t take

Man City out-fought… It figures

Well Nick Johns (12th) has a funny way of sneaking up on you

Two ‘restart’ centuries are okay and for him everything’s going right

And football has a funny way of helping Martial (21) out when

You think post Fergie it’s all gone wrong and a 7-year-wait blows up

In your hat trick face!

A top twenty finish is not too late

High flying Roni Friel (29th) with 104pts could still make that break

It’s like ten thousand players when you’re having the season of your life

Paul Baker (1st) is man of my dreams

Rhyming in he’s Four-hundred and twenty-sixth in the world is causing me strife!!

FFUK in the top 500 is ironic… Don’t you think

A little brilliant and ironic… And, yeah, I really do think…

It’s like forty-eight Salah (11) Captains were the ‘order of the day’

A lot of your Man City players, Pep didn’t play.

It’s the ‘don’t give Maupay (-1) the ball’, the penalty he really shouldn’t take!

Wonder what Guendouzi thought… It figures

FFUK satisfaction has a funny way of sneaking up on you

The WhatsApp group has a funny, funny way of helping you out

Helping you out…

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