CUPDATE – The Finals (GW36+)

As the Gameweeks come thick and fast under Project Restart I’ll be writing short posts to update the community on how things stand.

Gameweek 35+ brought an end to the semi-finals of both the FFUK Cup and the Milk Plate. The final scores were as follows:


  • Paul Baker 211 vs 259 John Willson
  • Justin McCarthy 262 vs 265 Jamie Stephens

Milk Plate:

  • Nick Johns 282 vs 348 Pete Cronin
  • Ben Carter 261 vs 314 James Downie

In the FFUK Cup, match 1 was incredibly tight going going into the last week of fixtures, but in the John Willson ran away with it with a score of 83 points as my team slumped dramatically to a pitiful gameweek score of 32. Match 2 was a much tighter affair. Jamie Stephens took a bold hit in pursuit of a significant deficit vs Justin McCarthy. His 66 points (once the -4 was applied) was enough as Justin scored just 41.

Over in the Milk Plate the semi-finals were won comprehensively. Pete Cronin had long established a healthy lead and won his match over Nick Johns by a whopping 66 points in the end. Earlier in the tie the James Downie vs Ben Carter contest had been a tight affair. But in GW 35+ Ben was only able to record 39 points, so James’ 78 points brought a comfortable conclusion to proceedings. The Milk Plate winner will get £100 for their troubles while the runner up will receive £50.

So the finals are being contested as follows:

  • FFUK Cup Final: Jamie Stephens vs John Willson
  • Milk Plate Final: Pete Cronin vs James Downie

The FFUK Cup finalists are playing for a winners cheque of £150 with the runner up receiving £50. Justin and Bakes will get £25 each for reaching the semis.

The FFUK Cup draw in full can be found on this Google Sheet, while the version for the Milk Plate can be found here.

Good luck to all four finalists.



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