THE TRUTH (according to me)

The Truth is Liverpool and City are better than everyone else.

The Truth is Man United are better without prawn sandwiches and day trippers watching them.

The Truth is VAR is shit, unless you are Man United.

The Truth is relegation is harder to take this season after project refart.

The Truth is there were no easy solutions for restarting football.

The Truth is it is great being able to see every game.

The Truth is FF is proper hard as such a rush between game weeks.

The Truth is football is even more unpredictable.

The Truth is I haven’t got a FFUKing clue what to do with my FF team.

The Truth is you get what you deserve.

Well done for Leeds on clinching an overdue and deserved promotion. I am looking forward to seeing them in the premier league. 

Congratulations as well to West Ham on staying up, unless a miracle. How long before hammers think they’re are too good for Moyes and sack him. Only for the cycle to start again.

So Watford, Bournemouth and Villa will battle out to see who is the least shit.

Champions League Qualification does look interesting, making it tricky for FF as results are a bit unpredictable!

I won’t go on about Villa too much, but I would like to make a couple of points. Jack is still trying but his problem is that his passing is always to the wrong option! Luiz is quality, but everyone else is either shit, out of form or both. Jack will be leaving soon and it’s a shame our fans can’t give him the send off he deserves. I am still hoping the reason Jack and John are not playing well is that they want to stay, and no-one will buy them if they look shit. The other way of looking at it is a transfer away is more likely as their price will be lower!

This summer I had tickets to see England at Euros. Jack was a shoe in for the squad. I was looking forward to seeing England, with at least one villa player. I know the tournament is next summer but I doubt the squad will have a Villa player, and Jack almost certainly won’t be at Villa. 


113 points


The top 2 haven’t changed this GW. In the top 20 we had many respectable scores, but the highest was Chris Webb (10) with 69.

Not sure how it happened but I’m in the milk plate final against Pete Cronin (11). I have been so lucky to get this far, I only just cracked the FFUK top 100 (82). Last week I played my Free Hit, which made pretty much no difference to my points tally. I am currently a bit in front with two gameweeks to play 53-44.


And best GW score and winner of weekly £15 prize is Peter aka Pedro Hayes with 80 points. Nice one!


Conts is very exciting! Final scores were Jamie Stewart and Daron Russell both finished on 58 whereas Roni Friel only managed 35, despite Roni’s -12 in hits. The final conts showdown is between Daron Russell and Jamie Stewart! Only one survives but both are Conts in our eyes.

Thanks for reading hope everyone is safe and well.

Embrace the championship UTV!

James Downie (82nd) Milk Plate Finalist

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