Welcome back for another season and it is time for the 1st review. For those that are new these will be published a day or two after the last game, fortunately for you guys they wont all be written by me as we have a great team of writers to inform and maybe even amuse you from time to time.

Before we get going a little bit of housekeeping. Thanks to everyone who has paid their entry fees for this season,league numbers are healthy and we got incredibly close to last season’s record total. However there are still a handful of managers who have not paid their fees and we are unable to announce prize money until we have received all entry fees and removed any non payers. For anyone who hasn’t yet paid please click here for the post with the bank details and arrange your payment ASAP this week.

We also have 3 unknown players to identify who have joined the league. Do you know any of the names below, we need an email so we can contact them please. Otherwise we will be forced to remove with the other non payers. Once we have done this we will confirm the pre-season recruitment prize.

Each and every gameweek we also come up with a theme tune for the Spotify Season Playlist.

This week we need something to kick us off in style so let’s go with a personal favourite (reviewers perk) im sure everyone knows the original but check out this reworking of Come Together by Urban Dawn!

Click here for last seasons completed playlist.

As usual we always start the main part of the review with the Official FPL Dream Team for the GW.

Big at the back?

It was all about Mo Salah (20) this weekend. He had the fixture but there was certainly debate about his form. No debate now. Mo is back with a bang and it will take a brave man or woman to go without him this season.

Elsewhere there were a couple of standout performances. For Arsenal their new boys both shone bright as Willian (14) and Gabriel (15) both made a case for us to pick them in our teams.

Meanwhile old boy Jamie Vardy (13) reminded us of his prowess whilst the new signing at the back Castagne (14) scored on his debut.

Certainly a few options there for us if you aren’t happy with your team.

Next up we look at the top of the FFUK table as this is what matters in terms of prizes come the end of the season. And for the first time in a very very long time I am actually in it. FFUK knows how long that may last.


One man made the 100 club in GW1. A stunning start from Mark Storrar (1st) with 101 points. Obviously Mark was one of 75 FFUKers to give the Egyptian the armband. But there were a few other stand out players who came up with the goods like Vardy (13), James (14) and Justin (9). Keep an eye on this one after such a strong start.

Just behind with a still frankly brilliant 99 points was a new player Mick Walker (2nd), father of fellow FFUKers Max and Jake. Mick showed his boys how its done throwing down his TC on Mo for 60 points. Doesn’t look so silly now does it using a chip in the opening GW.

Next up, and this will become a semi regular feature of these reviews, we check in from time to time with the Junior league. Oliver Hill has taken an early lead but who will claim Theo’s trophy at the end of the season?

FFUK – the Junior Championship Trophy

Now we come to this week’s eviction in the CONTS mini league. For more info on this league click here. This week and for the first 13 GWs of the season there will be double evictions so 2 will be kicked out each week until Xmas. We have a new admin on board to do the evicting in James Simpson and he will be dressing in his best bouncers outfit to chuck out the lowest scorers each week.

This week we had to wait until after MNF and it was close, nothing was decided as the final game kicked off. There were several who were under pressure but lets see just who the unlucky ones are. Our first evictee is Matt Page-Chatton – one of our juniors – who unfortunately could only muster 34 points, he needed a bit more from his Werner captain pick. Joining him we had a tie between Sean Griffin and Justin McCarthy who both ended on 36 points. A quick check of the rules and it turns out the lowest captain score of the 2 goes out. And unfortunately that meant Justin, who had picked Mane, has to go (Sean went with Auba) James will remove you both before the next deadline allowing you both to focus on the league 😉

That is it for the first week, 37 to go. Everything to be decided still. But we have what I am sure will be a fascinating season ahead of us. Bring it on FFUKers. Oh and watch out for a cupdate from the main man Bakes very soon!

Remember to look after yourself and each FFUKer



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