Welcome back, that wasn’t much of a break was it? Depending on your point of view that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Here I go again…

The big question on everyone’s lips is… How does that guy from Whitesnake do his hair like that? Sorry I mean who will win the FFUK trophy this season and take the glory from last season’s champ Grant Lawrie?

For those of you who have been here before we are delighted to announce that the FFUK 20/21 mini league is now open, join by clicking here. Alternatively your code to join is:



This season’s membership fee of £15 should be paid into the Official FFUK PayPal MoneyPool please before the start of the season, you can find this by visiting the link below:

Alternatively you can pay via bank transfer using Sort 40 08 41 Account 1148 5237, the account name is Christopher Michael Galloway. Please leave your name as a reference.


For anyone joining us for the first time this season, Welcome to the FFUK Community!

As we have such a short turnaround we aren’t looking to re-invent the wheel, we have honed and perfected a couple of things but it will be a lot more of the same this season. For the highlights check out the flyer above and keep reading for further info.

This website is the hub of everything, you can find out what prizes are on offer along with info about all other aspects of FFUK. We will post reviews each and every game week as well as other articles and videos throughout the season, we even have a Hall of Fame! Watch out for special pre-season articles plus an interview with last season’s champ, where you can find out, not only how he did it, but also who he predicts will do well this time round. Then just before the deadline you will also have a chance to ask a question to some “experts” in another one of our videos.

Membership costs £15 for the season. For that you get access to all the articles on the site as well as, more importantly, being eligible to win any prizes we offer. You can also enter any side games we run (there are additional fees for these). All memberships are paid out in prizes.

To keep up to date with the very latest FFUK news you can follow us on Twitter or Instagram or join the Facebook or WhatsApp group. For more info check out our Social page.

Once again it won’t just be about the league this season, but yes we plan to pay out the top 20 again! Paul Baker aka Mr Cups will be running not one, not two but THREE cups – The FFUK Cup, The Milk Plate and after xmas the FFUK Champions League. The cups are now a firm favourite in the calendar and they mean that even in a poor season we can still have something to play for.

There are indeed prizes on offer right up until the final day meaning you have more chances to win, we will once again have a prize for each and every Manager of the Month, this will probably be £50 but we will confirm this along with all prizes once everyone is signed up and we have confirmed numbers. We will have at least 4 Best GW score prizes, as in previous years you will have to submit these yourself and we will verify them. For more info click on the relevant links.

For now it is all about pre-season and that means your chance to invite your friend, colleague or family member to join us. Quite simply the more members the more prizes we can offer, but as we all know this game is at its best when you are competing against people you know. With this in mind we will be running a pre-season referral scheme. We will publish the leader-board on the Facebook and WhatsApp groups weekly and prizes will go to those who refer the most new players. We also have a couple of other pre-season comps you can get involved with as you can see in the image above. All we need is a valid email for any new players please and we can send them an invite if you like or you can give them the details if you prefer by sending them this post or the flyer that we email all players with. Get in touch with Chris or Pete for more info if anything is unclear.

We will also be running several side games this season that you can all get involved with. The biggest of these is the now legendary Conts mini league, a brutal but beautiful regular feature. This one is open primarily to the WhatsApp group and will be opened up soon. In addition Mr Side Games aka Tim McEwan will be organising a new and improved Last Man Standing comp for everyone plus we also plan to introduce a FFUK Champions League mini-league this season, more news on the rest of these once the season is underway.

Finally, we will also be running our Junior FFUK league once again this season, this is eligible to all members who are under 16 and runs in conjunction with the main league. Theo Allen (pictured below) is the first ever Junior FFUK Champion and has just received his trophy and a big bag of Haribo for all his efforts. Who can take Theo’s trophy off him this season? Get in touch if you have a junior that would like the code to join this league.

Theo Allen – Junior FFUK Champ 2020

Hope the above all makes sense and answers any initial queries you may have, by all means get in touch with myself or Pete if you have any other questions or comments. If you would like to email us –

We really appreciate everyone’s efforts to invite new members and it is this ethos that allows us to grow year on year. Time is not on our side but with your help we can improve on the 254 from last season, maybe we can even go past 300!

That is it for now. Not long to go. Fixtures have just been released. Enjoy tinkering with your squad but make sure your team is all set for that first deadline.





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3 thoughts on “NEW SEASON – HERE I GO AGAIN

  1. Hi
    Please add me to the WhatsApp group please.
    I have joined the league and sent my £15 via bank transfer.
    My number is 07899898328


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