The domestic season has only just begun but as we know with this busy season, that means that the Champions League starts again very soon on Tuesday 20th October, you can almost hear that theme tune.

In exciting news, we are starting a FFUK Champions League mini league. Matt Reid and I played the official game last year and for those that played the Bundesliga fantasy it runs along similar lines, meaning you have a squad and then set up for each matchday, changing captain, if you choose to, each day. It’s such a good format we decided we would set up a FFUK mini league this time round, it certainly makes the group stages in particular even more exciting.

Bayern Munich – Champion League Winners 2020

To start with you need to download the official UEFA Champions League – Gaming Hub app available on both Apple and Android. You can also play on the website but we found the app to be excellent last season so recommend you use it (Unlike the FPL one).

Once you have downloaded and picked a team, you can then join the FFUK mini league by clicking this link or please find below if you prefer to enter manually:


Note that is the letter O first then the number 0 in that code above

We have decided on £10 per person entry and we will announce prizes once we have received all payments but depending on numbers we will offer prizes depending on numbers. Payment details are exactly the same as for the Premier League season, for a reminder you can click here for the new season post which has links to the FFUK PayPal MoneyPool as well as bank details. Please ensure you have paid your entry fee ahead of the deadline. Oh and as well as the cash prizes we will offer there are some amazing prizes offered by the game and with far fewer players than FPL your chances of winning a prize are much higher!

However, with only days until it starts again we don’t have much time. Entry is open to anyone who is in the FFUK league. So once you have signed up make sure your mates in the league have also joined.

In terms of how to play myself and Reidy are happy to give our advice out either in the WhatsApp group or you can drop us an email or contact us via our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Insta) and we will always help if we can.

Here is a link to the rules of the game for anyone new to it. Good luck to all those who want to get involved, I think you will love this format of the game. We will provide an update once we have confirmed numbers etc. We have also included a couple of other useful links below.

Champions League Fantasy Podcast (unofficial, its just some mates talking about Champions League fantasy but could be handy)

Useful article from FFS with some really useful info including player tips

Stay safe until then and look after yourself and each FFUKer



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