After one of the craziest Gameweeks in memory, Gameweek 14 of season 20/21, it felt remiss of me not to follow it with a cupdate. What’s even more remiss is that I haven’t put virtual pen to WordPress paper since October! My bad ….

As always, the latest in the cups can be followed on the separate cup pages of this site, for the FFUK Cup click here and for the Milk Plate click here. These have both been updated more regularly, or on the Google sheets for each competition, which for the FFUK Cup is available here, and for the Milk Plate is available here.

After Gameweek 14 we are now four weeks into the December Gamemonth. Most other Gamemonths would be over by now, but this December is a monster with as many as six Gameweeks contested – a marathon not a sprint this one. The FFUK Cup is in and around it’s third round now, so let’s take a look at how things stand:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Leader
Michael Moors282vssean colohan266 Michael Moors
John Willson281vsJohn Barry260 John Willson
Daniel Green273vsJack Mosley260 Daniel Green
Liam Green268vsJez Penn287 Jez Penn
Shane Newton234vsMark Harrison296 Mark Harrison
John Parkinson241vsClayton Deakin261 Clayton Deakin
Andy Jackson277vsTom Ryan226 Andy Jackson
Alan Flack241vsDaron Russell300 Daron Russell
Andy Caulfield230vsMarcus Blowers234 Marcus Blowers
Chris Webb277vsMarc Phillips228 Chris Webb
Harrison Drake216vsStuart Allen305 Stuart Allen
Dean Cummings263vsToby Glicher219 Dean Cummings
Liz Colman236vsVladimirs Voronkovs247 Vladimirs Voronkovs
Andrew Tracey226vsTom Galloway225 Andrew Tracey
Ben Wright204vsJoe Warrington275 Joe Warrington
Tina Whitehouse242vsJohn Gleeson262 John Gleeson
Kevin Ryan262vsSteve Cronin263 Steve Cronin
Nick Hardie220vsKevin Trotter254 Kevin Trotter
grant lawrie247vsAndrew Fogaty259 Andrew Fogaty
chris galloway284vsPhilip Redgrave252 chris galloway
Ashley Read234vsmark leathem241 mark leathem
Sam Parker245vsJames Downie256 James Downie
Jim Wheat271vsPeter Hayes262 Jim Wheat
Stan Packham254vsSam Blake288 Sam Blake
Dave Windsor257vsNick Johns246 Dave Windsor
Ameet Shah278vsKevin O’ Reilly299 Kevin O’ Reilly
Matt Packham240vsjon bryant232 Matt Packham
Vince .Siracusa258vsSam Clegg272 Sam Clegg
Neil Gordon268vsRichard Green235 Neil Gordon
Jordan Davison225vsMalek Mansour245 Malek Mansour
Mike Cowans-Kebby218vsAlex Sadlier247 Alex Sadlier
Danny Burgess251vsChris Lovegrove205 Danny Burgess
FFUK Cup third round latest

Stu Allen currently leads the December Gamemonth in FFUK with 305 points, so pity his poor cup opponent Harrison Drake. Harrison has managed just 216 points and trails Stu by 89. Stick a fork in this one – it’s done! Other big deficits abound: Joe Warrington leads Ben Wright by 71, Mark Harrison leads Shane Newton by 62 and Daron “Dazzer” Russell leads Alan Flack by 59. Difficult to see a way back for me, Clive for those trailing any of these fixtures.

Some fixtures are seriously toight though! Both Andrew Tracey and Steve “Statto” Cronin lead their fixtures by a solitary point from Tom Galloway and Kevin Ryan respectively. The average deficit though is 27.25 points, so in most cases there’s plenty of work to do for those in arrears as we head into the Christmas period.

The Milk Plate is currently into it’s second round. After four of six Gameweeks in December there are some really interesting ties being played out:

Round 2 (in progress) Round 3 (as it stands)
December January
Ross Smith197 
vs Jamie Cooper
Jamie Cooper207 
Ally Edwards193 
vs Josh Paxman
Josh Paxman278 
Glenn Johnson236 
vs Karl Austen
Karl Austen253 
Dan Hardwick269 
vs Justin Mc Carthy
Justin Mc Carthy283 
Bernard Perry214 
vs Jack Slade
Jack Slade255 
Mark Tarbox256 
vs Mark Tarbox
Jonathan Butterworth206 
james simpson246 
vs Joe Hammond
Joe Hammond249 
Gareth Taylor239 
vs Paul Reid
Paul Reid279 
Steven Almond276 
vs Steven Almond
Danny Finnigan225 
Cian Walsh223 
vs Stephen Mealor
Stephen Mealor261 
James Prebble191 
vs James Sheridan
James Sheridan295 
Josh Prentice255 
vs Josh Prentice
Harvey Smith244 
Jack Rackley218 
vs Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis264 
Philip Dewsnap215 
vs Max Walker
Max Walker248 
John Stevens275 
vs John Stevens
Andrew Russell216 
Yabah Turnbull274 
vs Matt Baldwin
Matt Baldwin280 
Iain Sanderson257 
vs Iain Sanderson
Scott Volker154 
Christopher Pilling238 
vs Christopher Pilling
andrew downie221 
Paul Browne231 
vs Paul Browne
John Gordon200 
Steven Mountford208 
vs Dan McBrearty
Dan McBrearty260 
James Nalepa249 
vs Joseph Mulhern
Joseph Mulhern280 
Damien O’Neill239 
Matthew Shaw239 
Sean Griffin239 
Kaine Sinclair239 
Daniel Gunner221 
vs tom newman
tom newman225 
Chris Smith301 
vs Chris Smith
Alex Kassner264 
Tim McEwan238 
vs Donald Macaulay
Donald Macaulay261 
Matthew Page-chatton171 
vs Craig Sharman
Craig Sharman180 
Oliver Gordon254 
vs Oliver Gordon
Brendan Ryan206 
Matt Reid241 
vs Matt Reid
Daron Taylor222 
Robert Simpson247 
vs Robert Simpson
Haroon Rashid221 
john Harper253 
vs john Harper
Chris Norman252 
Roy Browne207 
vs Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor253 
FFUK Milk Plate second round latest

First of all, check out the two ties that are currently level. Not only are these two ties next to each other in the draw, the scores their managers are level on ARE THE SAME! That’s four managers, all on 239 points, in consecutive places in the draw. What are the chances! (I’ve checked and it’s kosher). There are two more Gameweeks to separate the Damien O’Neill vs Matthew Shaw and Sean Griffin vs Kaine Sinclair ties otherwise we’ll go back to their scores in the November Gamemonth to separate them.

I’ll tell you who the luckiest manager in the Milk Plate is at present. Craig Sharman. Craig has 180 points in the December Gamemonth. That’s pretty shoddy by anyone’s reckoning. It places him 236th out of 245 in the league. He’s still winning his tie though, by dint of his opponent doing even worse! For shame Matthew Page-Chatton, and your 171 points, for shame! If the winner of this wants to progress against your Oliver Gordons or your Brendan Ryans they’re going to have to do a whole lot better than that!

Top scoring in the Milk Plate so far this round is Chris Smith with 301. That’s better! Alex Kassner trails him by 35, so this one isn’t quite done yet. The Iain Sanderson vs Scott Volker tie is though. Iain leads Scott by whopping 103 points. Ain’t no phoenix rising from those ashes! Most ties could best be described as one-way traffic, frankly, although aside from the draws another one is especially toight: John Harper leading Chris Norman by just a single point.

Time, I feel, for an FFUK Champions League update as well.

I’ve already described in a previous post how the competition works (although I’ll run through this again as we get closer to it’s start point in Gameweek 26) which you can find here, together with details of how to qualify. There are a total of 79 places up for grabs and 40 of these have already been taken:

1Grant LawrieTop 20
2Paul BakerTop 20
3Jamie StewartTop 20
4John ParkinsonTop 20
5Tim McEwanTop 20
6Justin Mc CarthyTop 20
7Pete CroninTop 20
8Damien O’NeillTop 20
9Jamie StephensTop 20
10Nick JohnsTop 20
11Ben CarterTop 20
12Jordan DavisonTop 20
13Samuel BreenTop 20
14Chris WebbTop 20
15Steve CoffenTop 20
16Dean CummingsTop 20
17Richard GreenTop 20
18David HarrisonTop 20
19Peter HayesTop 20
20Stan PackhamTop 20
21John WillsonCup winner
22James DownieCup winner
23Theo AllenJunior Champion
24Nick MastonMOTM
26Tom RyanMOTM
27Steven AlmondMOTM
28Mark StorrarMOTW
29Matthew ShawMOTW
30Brian CollinsMOTW
31Jon BryantMOTW
32Sam ParkerMOTW
33Rob LatuskeMOTW
34Rob HardingMOTW
35Chris GallowayMOTW
36Michael MoorsMOTW
37Tom HenshallMOTW
38Richard HarrisonMOTW
39Joseph MulhernMOTW
40James SimpsonMOTW
Qualifiers for the FFUK Champions League after Gameweek 14

Note that both Joseph Mulhern and James Simpson qualified with their joint league-high score of 105 points in Gameweek 14. Managers who tie for each qualification place (e.g. highest Gameweek score or Manager of the Month) all qualify – there’s no tie-breaker. It’s also worth re-iterating that you can only qualify once. If you qualify via an additional and subsequent route (as three managers have done so far: Grant Lawrie, James Downie and Tom Ryan, that place DOES NOT pass to the next highest-scoring manager. You must qualify by right not by being the next cab off the rank!

The exception to this rule is Gameweek 24. This week represents last opportunity to qualify for the FFUK Champions League before it kicks off in Gameweek 26 (giving us a bit of breathing space to do the draw). There will likely be 15-20 places left in the competition by this week and those places will go to the managers with the highest scores in that Gameweek – so mark your diaries, and if you’re not in by then get those chips at the ready!

Other ways to qualify include being the highest scorer in a Gameweek or a Gamemonth or getting to round 6 of the FPL Cup (this kicks off in Gameweek 16).

Stay tuned for more updates. If you’re still in one of the cups, good luck and keep an eye on the google sheets and cup pages.

This is the way.


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