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Happy New Year Ffukers and lets just hope 2021 doesn’t start like it ended for many Fantasy Football Freaks that have clearly “lost that loving feeling” in GW16!

Do you blame Covid? Do you blame Pep? or do you blame yourself for being so vulnerable for having so many players from the same team and perhaps a weak bench? Only a man with a Crystal ball could have foreseen the Everton v City and Fulham v Spurs games would be called off. I mean, quite frankly “what a ffuking shambles” with just 12 goals scored this gameweek (with Leeds getting 5!)

For those unsure about reading on – don’t worry, I feel your pain but its important that you remember “you are playing with the boys” which is all that matters – we are all Ffuking mad for Football right! t wasn’t a great week for everyone with an average of just 37 points (one of the lowest ever) it was always going to be tough one wasn’t it?

With Arsenal now picking up points, they no longer look relegation fodder. Man U back to old “Fergie ways” and scoring late goals despite a poor performance. 2021 surely has to be more consistent than the irregular results of 2020?

TOP GUN this week was Ben Mee scoring 15 points, how many of you have made him your low cost wildcard option today…(yes Wildcard 2 is now available…time to push the button!?)

Kings of the Gameweek

The Team of the week had 6 Leeds players (will this ever happen again?) They clearly “took my breath away” with a smashing 5-0 victory of “Big Sam’s” Bus. Some monster differentials with the likes of Alioski and Dallas both getting 12 points and how good did Raphinha (8) and Rodrigo (8) look? – any takers on a Wildcard!?

Captains Choice at the moment is clearly “Destination Unknown”… Many people went for Spurs Captains “Kane (54) and Son (33) – but they were seriously let down by the spurs game being cancelled. With yet another successive blank from Salah with 109 Captains and 1 Triple Captain (Rackers!) – Their “Ego is writing checks their body can’t cash”! Only Bruno captains (19) and Vardy Captains (10) will be happy Ffukers!

FFUK top 20 after GW16

FFUK League leader on 1080 points – Steve “Maverick” Cronin (1st) is having an absolute stormer and has “buzzed the tower” with an inspired wildcard 65 point haul – Clearly “talking to Goose” in the clouds for inspiration, he had No city players, no Everton Players, and No Fulham players (Son and Kane but that may have been strategic!) . Steve is now in the top 320 in the world!!! For this reason Steve “you can be my wing man anytime!”

New Entry for FFUK Champs League:

Shout to Roni Friel (37th) who went out of the Conts recently and was just shy of the top 20 places at the end of last season but has now won his place in to the FFUK Champs League with the Joint Top weekly Score of 66. He shares the high GW score with Ameet Shah (3rd) and Joseph Collias (118th) so all 3 qualify for the FFUK Champs League – more news on this one soon from Bakes.

FFUK manager of the month was James “Merlin” Amar with 419 points (£50 prize -well done indeed) – James “felt the need, the need for speed” this month and was clearly “Inverted”!

Conts eviction was once again 4 unlucky ffukers. On the Highway to the Danger Zone this week are: Jamie Stewart “JDS” with a miserable 32 points as was Ben Carter. Phil Smith 27 was only surpasssed by Ben “Cougar” Eastwoods 24 – “Crashed and burned hey Mav!”

Single evictions now until the end of the season, good luck to those left involved!

That’s all from me, it gives me great pleasure to wish you all a Happy New Year to you and your families.


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