I feel now, like every gameweek actually starts the gameweek before. That must mean now, that I’m still in the previous gameweek double gameweek 24, which, to be fair, is very handy for writing about it, but as we’ve started this way, really we’re going to have to go back to gameweek 23.

Gameweek 23 was a ‘could do better’ week for me if ever there was one, and just like many other occasions this season, the pain and frustration of another failed gameweek propelled me to look forward to the next, to gameweek 24, to make my transfers and be done with it. Of course, I then spent the build up to GW24 with decisions having been already made, and yes, the DCL injury was a bit of a blow, especially as he had cost me -4 of my -8. Vive la France, as they say in Rome. A straight swap from DCL to Richarlison was relatively painless to bring me down to -12. I’d pressed the button on a bench boost too… “why?” you may ask? Well, earlier this season I thought I’d use my free hit rather than taking some hits, and ever since then I have been making one stupid decision after another, and therefore there was absolutely no reason not to make another. If anything, what I could be doing was out-stupiding myself, basically doing a double stupid, which in reverse psychology is actually good. Leeds didn’t know this, so my bench boost was basically worth about 1 point (Meslier 0, Antonio 0, Dallas -1, Bamford 2).


Not a problem, I was ready for this. The good thing is that going into this gameweek I expected it to go wrong, so when it did, I was satisfied, finally I am getting FPL right! I now have the ability to predict precisely when things are not going to go to plan and accept the outcome without any frustration or pain at all. I have had a spiritual moment with the FPL Gods and they have shown me that the best thing to do is do whatever I feel like and have absolutely no expectations of a positive outcome, which, from my perspective, is actually positive, because, well, I knew that. Yeah.

Let’s have some Rolling Stones.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

It was nice to see that my primary transfer, Gundogan in, actually paid off with a rare successful armband choice. Plus Cancelo actually played both his double gameweek games, in a double where it was lucky to get a double gameweek player that just played , let alone scored points in both matches (except for Jay ‘essential’ Rodridguez ).


Who told themselves their Lowton goal was not luck but due to a correct analysis of the Burrnley defenders attacking stats?

However you managed it, fair play you lucky gets. As we often see in the Dream Team, or the KINGS OF THE GAMEWEEK if you’re from American marketing, a load of #differentials took the plaudits, and while I clearly overlooked the Fulham options last gameweek, I’m gonna make sure I correct it this time round.


Tis a wonderful thing looking at this Top 20 and seeing so many stellar names in lights. A hardcore FFUK Top 5 sees my little bro Steve (1st) retaining the top spot (I taught him everything he knows), Daz Russell in 2nd (spiritual guide), Sean Coolers up in 3rd (pure zen), and of course, my amigo extradordinario Chris Galloway in 4th. As we can see, Coolers whooped it this week with 117 points from a sublime array of FPL talent through his side featuring Martinez (12), Cresswell (12) as well as Cancelo (8), Gundogan (19) and Foden (11).

Mark Leathem (6th) also had a super week with 112 including assets such as Barnes (12) and Shaw (8), Daz (2nd) hit a beefy 110 while Chris Smith in 5th found 108 points in his bin this week.

Which brings me to particularly efferverscent effort from Kaine Sinclair (150th) this week. Kaine is all the way over in Australia, but that doesn’t mean he does his FPL team down under (wow, that’s a jibe that doesn’t get enough acknowledgement these days). Nope, this week, Kaine’s team could only be described as being up over, with a points total of 123 points. All of us would have been happy with a Gundogan Triple Captain (57 points) which was complemented by the likes of Cresswell, Maddison (8), and a solid Pope (10) performance in goal. Thank you for submitting your BEST GW SCORE entry Kaine, you currently sit second with the runner up prize coming your way as it stands.

For the rest of us. We will be waiting eagerly for the opportunity to burn our chip on another double gameweek in the hope of beating Kaine, or Joseph Coliass’ perfect break of 147 points from GW19


But, all that jollity aside, it’s time to remember the real pain and frustration that is FPL, though fortunately here, we can focus on someone elses. Mr John Parkinson didn’t have a bad gameweek, playing it safe with the armband on Bruno (9) and not doing much wrong. Still the game punishes. It is callous, it shows no mercy. Yes, unfortunately that means that John Parkinson is no longer in the Conts league, leaving 14 Conts left to battle it out. Don’t feel bad John, it’s a cruel bitch.


WATCH OUT FFUKERS! Coming very soon to our already overwhelmed FPL minds is the fantastic FFUK Champions League organised by FFUK’s own Mr Strategy, Paul Baker. The highest 17 scorers from GW24 will be added to the existing pot of players taking us to 79 teams to play out the competition.
With the BEST GW Score, Manager of the Month, and the Champions League, there is still plenty for all of us to play for. Enjoy the rude FFUKers.

And that’s it from me, for this gameweek, from gameweek 23 and for gameweek 25, in fact, as I’ve realised that I am in a liminal space between gameweeks that in fact situates me in both this, and the next, I’m keen to get my head into gameweek 25 while reflecting on the joys and pains of gameweek 24.

At least Richarlison scored a goal, maybe I should keep him.

Pete C (93rd)


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