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Feels a bit like that right now. There is a lot of football on. And not a lot else. Even for the most hardcore of us, it can get a bit too much so hopefully this review can provide a little light relief before we do it all over again. WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

Sometimes the gws just blend together. Time is hard to keep track of right now. But cast your minds back to the weekend just gone.


Does the above look familiar? Yeah its all coming back to me now (I avoided this as a song suggestion, apologies Celine Dion fans). Assuming you have nothing better to do let’s review the gameweek.

How many of these did you have?

Lets start with the Kings of the GW above. Quite a few here are not the most popular picks in the game. But maybe they should be more popular. Leeds’ young GK Meslier (10) is only owned by 5% of players but with a DGW coming soon that may well change. His defensive colleague Dallas (12) is more popular at 15% and playing OOP, 4 goals and 3 assists already suggest he really should be in more of our teams. Elsewhere at the back Tete (9) of Fulham may also be one for the watchlists with a double coming soon. Old favourite Dunk (9) is less likely to be so popular but as soon as we see a Brighton double he would be.

In midfield you needed a City asset. Ideally Foden (16) or Gundog (13), who could even afford to miss a pen and still makes team of the week. The midfield is all mid priced or even budget, not sure where we spend all our money at the moment. But bargains like Almiron (15), Jorghinho (10) and Doucoure (10) all could be more popular that they currently are.


Up top DCL (12) did his thing, just like the start of the season, only an idiot (me) would bench him for a bloke who got sent off. Alongside Dominic is a man I thought we might see more often in these teams this season but he has struggled. Timo Werner (10) though might just be about to turn the corner as the system Tuchel is playing really suits him, but maybe that is just my Chelsea bias.

What else is there? The FFUK league that’s what!


No change at the very top. Steve Cronin (1st) is a hard man to catch as Daron Russell (2nd) and myself (3rd) are finding. Right up my rear end is the one and only Coolers (4th) who top scored in the whole league with 99 points, so how did he manage it – He was one of 50 FFUKers to Captain Son (10 x 2) which was a good start but there were also mucho points from Gundo (13), Dallas (12), Watkins (9), Cresswell (9), Justin (9), Bruno (7), Mo (7) and BAM (6). Always listen to Coolers!

Right behind him were a couple of FFUKers on 92, still damned good scoring this week where the average was 58 overall. Kevin O’Reilly (44th) and James Coffen (202nd) both deserve congrats for their big gw scores.

In the CONTS mini league we are getting to the business end now. It wont be long before some FFUKer starts taking hits with wreckless abandon. Will it? Maybe Alex Kassner wishes he had done that now as it was him who low scored this week with just 47. It was close in the end but next worst Bakes had captained BAM so as soon as his goal went in it was curtains for Alex!


That is it for this week, thanks as always for reading. For those lucky enough still to be involved in the cups you can see who plays who this month on the cup pages on the site. For the FFUK Cup click here and for the Milk Plate click here.

And for everyone else we are about to embark on our 3rd cup competition very soon with the launch of the FFUK CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Flashlights and Explosions! Fortunately our man for the cups Bakes will be in touch very soon with an update for that one, it’s a little complex but he understands it, for everyone who hasnt yet qualified there are plenty of spaces still available.

Until next time look after yourself and each FFUKer.



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