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GW18 Review

Back in BLack

written By James Downie

BACK. Aguero back on the score-sheet wearing black. Arsenal are back winning derbies and actually playing well. Chelsea are very tight at the back. West Brom are pretty much back down to the Championship. Villa vs Newcastle was such a bad game, back like it was before. United back winning at home. Patricio out cold laying on his back.

Back like the Premiership (Premier League) days of yesteryear.

On a serious note I do hope Patricio is OK. Good luck to Chris Wilder. The Blades have been unlucky but poor this season. He will get other job offers. Last season his team was full of FPL diamonds.


Speaking of job offers – can’t see this guys phone ringing after this season.


I am not going to go on about VAR, I just don’t understand anything anymore. 

I do want to mention diving and play acting. Even with VAR, players need to go down and scream to get decisions their way. It’s awful but understandable, especially when you look at Foden last week and compare it to Lacazette this week. 

I think we need to start doing what the NBA and ESPN do. ESPN on a weekly highlight show, do a segment called ‘Flops of the week’ and ‘Phantom of the Flopra’ (video below). It doesn’t stop diving and play acting, but it’s pretty embarrassing for the players. They are shown falling over on national mainstream TV and internet channels. I would also love to see retrospective bookings or fines too. However I think that might be a too obvious benefit of Video so probably won’t happen.

IMO something like this would make a great addition to MOTD, currently they show a bit of diving and occasionally discuss it, but not very much. A bit like the 2 good 2 bad section on MOTD2, have a bit called ‘diving dickheads’ or something similar.

On Friday night I did feel for Targett owners, especially as a Villa fan. On 90 minutes he looked to have a Clean sheet, Assist and 3 bonus. Then the goal was given as a OG so his assist wiped off. Villa conceded in the 94th Minute and he went down to 2 bonus. It showed the quality of the game that Murphy, who got the Newcastle assist, was only on for 11 mins got the 3 bonus with 22 BPS!

Bruno owners also had an assist and bonus taken away after review, however this didn’t upset me at all!

Team of the week

I dare say not too many had players above apart from the defence. Stones (14) who scored and was assisted by Cancelo (12). In Midfield Milivojic (11) is back playing and on pens. Odegaard (10) had an impressive derby and is now on my watchlist for my WC team. Up front were the relentless Leicester boys. Iheanacho (17) with a very impressive hat trick. On your radar?

The FFUKer with the highest score was Jason Bridger. Jason is all the way down in 224th but had a great GW with 75 points. His high scoring player was Captain Vardy. Nice one Jason.

Captains choices were very spread this week. Over 90% of FFUKers had captains who blanked. The 3 most captained City stars were all rested for the full 90. So that left many FFUKers relying on bench and vice captains. Gotta love Pep!

ffuk top 20

No big mover in the top 20. The top 8 even stayed the same. I was the only player in the top 20 who had a captain who didn’t blank, but I only had Watkins (10).

Lamela had a strange day- Amazing goal and 2 soft yellows 


It is with sadness I bring the news that Mr Cups – Paul Baker is leaving the CONTS. His score of 36 was not enough. It was a tough, low scoring GW all round.

Just 10 of us left to fight it out…

Quick mention of the H2H league – I am top!

FFUK H2H table with 9 GWs to go!

Check out the latest CUPDATE for the very latest from the FFUK Cup, Milk Plate and Champions league with just a single gw left for the month of March.

Dont forget FFUKers we got a blank GW and another Friday deadline.

Until next time…


James D – Ogbonna Champ (6th)

I wasn’t expecting that

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