This week see’s the return of the Masters, for many this is the highlight of the golfing calendar and with that we thought this year we would run a FFUK Masters Golf mini league for anyone who is interested. This will be using the official game/app. Please click here to join the FFUK mini league.

The premise is simple – Pick 4 golfers from 4 different sections and score plus and minus points based on their performance, see below for the scoring system. You can also edit the golfers before each day, which is handy if you want to replace a player who misses the cut. Ive included links “how to play” and “rules” at the bottom for those that are keen.

If you are up for it then please join using this link, please use your own name so we can see who is who in the league table. We are suggesting an entry fee of £10 per person with prizes for the top 2 or 3 depending on numbers. I will also set up a WhatsApp group for anyone who would like to be involved so we can keep up to date with the latest as the weekend unfolds.

As there isn’t much time until the tournament starts you need to select your squad of 4 by Thursday 8am UK time. And please also ensure you pay your £10 to the usual account (PayPal or Bank transfer) let us know if you need to be reminded of the details. We will chase any non payers on Thursday and remove along with any unknown players.

If you know someone else who might be keen on this then please send on to them, this is open to all, but if you can ensure we have an email for anyone not in the FFUK league.

For the official rules of the game click here

For how to play the game click here

As usual any questions just let us know and good luck to everyone that enters.



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