Hi FFUKers, it’s my pleasure to write the GW30 review for matches that took place over the Easter weekend. Easter sees the start of Spring whilst we eat copious amount of chocolate but more importantly, this Easter weekend saw the start of the FFUK and Milk Plate semi-finals as well as the beginning of the end – the last 9 matches of the season, to see who’ll be crowned FFUK Champion!

Whilst painting my garden wall this weekend, Iistening to Magic FM, on came Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. It got me thinking of all those crazy superstitions people have and made me question…will Steve Cronin finally change his underwear now he is no longer #1 in the league and will Chris Galloway emulate John Terry by using the same urinal before each GW so long as he’s #1?

Key lyrics in the song also struck me as being very relevant to FFUK and FPL…

When you believe in things

That you don’t understand

Then you suffer

Superstition ain’t the way


I read so many FPL Scout and Twitter threads that mention xG, xA, xAG, xGI, xGC, EO and frankly I don’t fully understand them (see below).

Which is lucky as I went ahead and selected Lingard (12) despite ‘experts’ calling him the most over-performing player with unsustainable form, with a meagre xGI of 3.27 in 7 matches – whatever the FFUK this means…

The Kings of The Game Week had a few surprise inclusions helped by West Brom’s demolition of Chelsea. Pereira (21) is the player of the week with 2 Goals, 2 Assists and 3bps, and was supported on the day by 2 goals from Robinson (11). Big Sam once thanked a lucky coin for England’s last gasp win over Slovakia in 2016 – Superstitions hey…

Elsewhere Kane (13) delivered for 126 FFUK captains and TAA (12) was helped by a poor Arsenal in showing Gareth Southgate why he should be in the England team. Whilst Mendy (15) – the City one, not the Chelsea Mendy (0), Trézéguet (14), Redmond (13) and Harrison (13) all scored big. Kudos to anyone FFUK owners out there!

Commiserations to Bamford (2), Son (1), Bale (1), DCL (2), Richarlison (2) and Silva (-4) owners. A tough GW for a number of template players.

Anyone with a Wildcard left would have been excited by Ings (11) and will have an eye on Leicester’s run in – Castagne (1), Iheanacho (2), Vardy (2) plus tracking Ben Crellin’s updates on up-and-coming DGWs. All to play for still!

High Scoring team of the week

This weeks high flyers were Daron Russell and Ameet Shah with a cracking 78 points a piece, followed closely by Harry Dickinson with 77 points.

Low Scoring team of the week…

At the opposite end of the table, Paul Monger (22) was Pepped with Cancelo (0) and Gundogan (0) both being rotated whilst the rest of his squad went MIA. 2 GW previously he’d scored 69pts.


Big changes at the top of FFUK with Chris Galloway usurping Steve Cronin (2033) at the top of the charts, who in turn drops to 3rd place behind Daron Russell (2041) in 2nd and just one point behind. 8 GWs left and all to play for, with Sean Colohan (2014) and Chris Smith (1997) only 28pts and 45pts behind respectively.

Elsewhere our resident Pro Josh Paxman (1926) has stormed the Top20 and with WC2 still to be used and a couple of DGWs, can he mount a challenge?


This week we say goodbye to bench boosting Steven Almond (36). A tough way to exit the CONTs but as a FFUK Milk Plate semi-finalist, he still has his eye on a cash prize at the end of the season.

Check out the recent cupdate from Bakes for the very latest from the FFUK Cup, Milk Plate and Champions league here

Right, I’m off to find a lucky rabbit’s foot for GW31. Good luck to all FFUKers.

James Simpson – Southcoast Gunner (55th)

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