Using your best Gogglebox voice over impression – With the Gameweek that gave us the quote “Oh Jesus, Mary & Joseph an the Wee Donkey” Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame and another trophy-less season for Spurs, not to mention fan pressure crushing the ESL in round 1 by a Knock out, those of us in FFUK Towers had much to talk about and discuss.

I’ll brush over me missing the deadline and having no (C) or (VC) points available from my 8 players…

But the blank GW’s for Man Citeh, Spurs, Southampton and Fulham meant that the teams at the business end of the table were under pressure – and in Sean Colohan’s (8th) case you could argue, just like for the ESL, there was “Too Much Pressure” as he also missed the deadline. But as I’m sure Coolers will explain…. Don’t forget that pressure makes diamonds and he still racked up a score close to 20 points above the game week average…

More on “Too Much Pressure” further down!


What can we say about Kings of the Gameweek other than no one will have had this team! I’d be impressed if anyone on Page 1 had five or more of these players – Ian Nacho and Pereira though continuing their fine run of form and delivering great value for money to boot! Please post on the WhatsApp group how many Kings of the Gameweek you had, to encourage participation and save and potential blushes I’ll share the fact I had NONE 🙂


Coming into GW33 the pressure was seriously ramping up as 4 of the remaining 6 Conts were also in the top 10 of the FFUK league meaning things are getting tasty! There is a miserly 32 point difference between 1st and 5th in the league so all to play for with 5 GW’s to go!

There are too many familiar names for me in the top 5 to call any of them out other than to say, consistently impressive scoring lads, very well played and best of luck. But please make sure you don’t let Daron win as we’ll never hear the end of it!

Aaaaand with zero place movements in the top 10 the FFUKing cream of the crop are all holding their nerve well….. Too Much Pressure…. behave this is FFUK Royalty we’re dealing with here!

Huge credit to “I’m Free” Mark Storrar who’s Soup Dragons high scored in the top 20 with 76 points leap frogging the lowest scorer in the top 20 Matt Baldwin’s Eze does it (38 pts) in the process.

On the subject of GW 33 scores a big shout out for top scorer in the league this week which goes to – Jake Duff (235th) with 81 points – It must be a great gameweek for the Duff family with Michael Duff getting Cheltenham Town promoted into League 1 this week too – Up the Robins!


Who goes this week? It was sadly a case of Too Much Pressure for Blue Stu, AKA The Cotswold Kid AKA Stu Allen with a solid 51 scored. With this much pressure Stu only Diamonds are made and unfortunately you were found out to be more Diamante in GW 33 – what a run though and still sitting pretty in 4th in the league! Only 5 left


So apparently Mr Charisma – Alan Shearer, when asked what to call him when he was interviewed via Zoom for the PL Hall of Fame he said, You can call me Al.… And I’ve finally managed to work in Chevy Chase into a GWR

Remember kids, football without £29.99 a month subscription paying fans is nothing!

Semis in both the FFUK cup and the Milk Plate go into the final round of the games with everything on the line and in the champions league its the climax of the group stages. What a time to be alive. You can check out all the latest via the cup pages on the site.

That’s it from me, deadline missing Duncan (156th)

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