The day has finally come. Friday 13th August 2021. Deadline Day. When we started tinkering with our teams a few weeks back it was all fun and games but now it gets serious. One of the most frantic days in the fantasy calendar is upon us. Soak it in. But make sure you are ready for 6.30pm.

We have been rather busy here at FFUK HQ as you can imagine and our pre season content climaxed last night with the BIG REVEAL, if you didn’t watch live check out the video below, it may help you with any last minute decisions or if the deadline has passed then you can see what mistakes we have made.

If you have missed any of our previous articles then check out all of our pre season content below

Ameet’s big and beautiful pre season survey findings –

Roni’s stat-tastic Matrix Reloaded article –

Jamie’s countdown to kick off re revisited article on PP90 –

Harvey’s rules of the game with Be More Southgate –

Did you see our predictions –

Finally, check out our opening video with myself and Pete –

Share this with anyone who might be keen to join us –

All the best for GW1 everyone, we will be back next week with the 1st review of the season and we will announce prize money as soon as we can too!

Until then look after yourself and each FFUKer



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