CUPDATE – FFUK Cup Qualifying Round Results

The results are in for qualification for FFUK Cup, with the twelve ties determined by scores from recently-completed GW6:

ManagerGW 6 PointsManagerGW 6 PointsWinner
Steve Barnard45vsStuart Loader34Steve Barnard
Marc Phillips51vsRahul Chudasama40Marc Phillips
Ben Pycz42vsAsmir Begovic45Asmir Begovic
jonty cooke55vsNeil Goodwin35jonty cooke
Jamie Windsor40vsJack Lowther41Jack Lowther
Daron Russell52vsAndrew Hamilton45Daron Russell
Paul Browne46vsRoss Smith39Paul Browne
James Prebble38vsStuart Blair45Stuart Blair
Eoin Reynolds52vsJohn Willson47Eoin Reynolds
David Harrison45vsLiz Colman41David Harrison
PHILIP DEWSNAP51vssean colohan52sean colohan
Kevin O’ Reilly50vsAlly Edwards41Kevin O’ Reilly
FFUK Cup 21/22 Qualifying Round Results

Congratulations to the winners – you will progress into the draw for the FFUK Cup first round proper, to be conducted this week in advance of GW7. Commiserations to the losers, however all is not lost – you will still get your second chance in the Milk Plate, which commences with a qualifying round in GW11.

Good to see our resident celebrity Asmir Begovic make it through, as well as a couple of our WhatsApp group stalwarts Daron Russell and Sean Colohan. But we do lose former winner John Willson at this early stage, falling to Eoin Reynolds.

A reminder that all the results from the FFUK Cup can be accessed here: FFUK Cup 21/22

Stay tuned for the first round draw.



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