GW6 REVIEW – our House




Hi FFUKers,

Welcome to my FPL GW6 review – Our Hause (in the middle of defence)

Sorry its so short, but at least it will be over soon and it won’t be painful. I’ve definitely said that before…

My review is like a Manchester United penalty. Late, Sh*t and with Martinez in my head. I will try not to mention Villa beating United and Ole almost crying too many times.

The Premier League seems to be settling down a bit in terms of FPL. Home advantage seems to be back, but not this week – even at Old Trafford.

‘You take it’ – Ronaldo was in Emi’s FPL team

City eventually wore down a stubborn Chelsea side. Norwich lost again and so did Leeds. Then to round of Saturday we had three entertaining draws. The pick of the games was definitely Brentford 3 v Liverpool 3. Wolves won a close game and then Arsenal blew Spurs away in the North London Derby. The M23 derby was drawn on Monday night with a late, late goal.

In terms of FPL we kind of got back to normality. The average GW score dropped to 43 points, the lowest previously this season was 54.

It would have been a much higher average if Salah got the Hat-trick he normally would have, leaving us who captained him pretty frustrated. Especially after a blank from Ronny who 47% of you FFUKers captained.


Two weeks in a row a Villa defender has ben the highest scorer. This week was also a good week for Arsenal midfield options. Anyone else tempted to bring them in?


We have new leader Stephen Fielden – Yourgone. It’s still tight at the top. One bad week and its free-fall. Ask Tim


Top scorer this week was Ira Wilson (Redpool) with 74 points. They had Salah Triple Captain and Vardy, Antman and ASM upfront. Team below.



This really was a tough week and we have to say goodbye to 2 big guns, James PC and Matt Reid after both mustered just 33 points. Sorry guys… You have been evicted!

‘But ref I want to live in his head and then have a dance when he misses’

Thanks guys, I hope everyone has green arrows and it’s a high scoring week.

I am sure I am not alone this week pondering having Lukaku or Ronaldo or both?!?

James Downie – McGinn and juice (11th)

Ok one more song for the weekend…

Ball spotted high above Manchester

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