CUPDATE – FFUK Cup First Round Latest

We’re 3 gameweeks into the four gameweek month of October, and with just one week to go it’s worth us taking a look at the latest standings in the first round of the FFUK Cup:

MatchManagerOct PointsManagerOct Points
1Mick Walker183vsNick Johns184
2Philip Redgrave146vsJames Coffen148
3James Downie190vsjohn Harper167
4Marc Phillips192vsShane Newton185
5Roni Friel182vsChris Smith182
6Steven Coffen147vsMike Mcbrearty155
7Callum Bent213vsJacob Dunlop144
8Mark Hickman158vsAmeet Shah174
9Aaron Smith215vsJim Wheat109
10Andrew Priestley184vsLei Cao179
11Donald Macaulay188vsSteven Mountford199
12chris galloway179vsHarvey Smith197
13John Gleeson184vsBrian Cullen86
14Jamie Davis212vsJake Rawkins182
15Sam Parker193vsMatt Packham188
16Jamie Stephens145vsPaul Austin161
17Richard P W-H199vsJohn Gordon159
18Stephen Fielden192vsDan Humby183
19Steve Barnard187vsJustin Mc Carthy209
20Marcus Holford210vsAshley Mather205
21Steven Paterson174vsSimon Lydon162
22Brendan Ryan189vsBhavnish Patel143
23Joe Warrington167vsSamuel Baker143
24Neil Gordon179vsRob Palmer180
25Daniel Butler152vsBen Wright185
26mark woods130vsBen Carter200
27Simon Pascoe174vsMason Arnold168
28Jack Rackley195vsVladimirs Voronkovs204
29Luca Friel176vsAndrew Hutchison94
30James Amar189vsDavid Conway175
31Seb Klyen174vsDave Cull179
32Kushal Shah201vsPICHON YVES PICHON YVES107
33Kevin O’ Reilly191vsBen Eastwood168
34Paul Reid201vsDanny Finnigan118
35Alex Sadlier193vsKaine Sinclair139
36Liam Green167vsMarc O’Sullivan182
37Andy Green139vsFabian Mascoll178
38Alastair McNeil192vsDanny Burgess158
39Jack Lowther203vsRob Marriott99
40chris ward116vsMark Tarbox159
41Daniel Gunner191vsNick Hardie150
42Rachel Lynch144vsRoy Browne202
43Glenn Johnson192vsJamali Nicolas188
44Darryl James170vsTom Henshall181
45grant lawrie180vsAndrew Fogaty175
46Will Johnson214vsJohn Stevens190
47Sam Fletcher165vsElliott Hodgeon161
48Ossama Mouslimani161vsJames Fricker192
49Steve Cronin214vsbryan mallinson180
50Paul Blair117vsChris Lovegrove145
51Alan D164vsCraig Sharman161
52Tom Page-Chatton179vsJames Sheridan204
53Nitin Patel152vsHarry Jarman175
54jason beal123vsNick Maston143
55Josh Paxman203vsRichard Green137
56Daron Russell201vsClifford Fox141
57Kevin Trotter145vsRob Pitt200
58wayne smith197vsAndy Jackson170
59Rob Latuske112vsAlex Kassner158
60Stan Packham186vsPaul Marshall174
61Shaun Bremner209vsMark James187
62Zac Cox190vsCharlie Moxon152
63James Nalepa190vsMatt Reid176
64sean colohan197vsJordan Davison154
65james simpson204vsTina Whitehouse197
66Scott Axcell186vsPaul Hillen134
67Mark Storrar202vsJake Walker163
68Joseph Reid86vsChris Brophy200
69Paul Griffiths99vsJames Tucker135
70mark leathem148vsDavid Moore163
71tom newman185vsReece Richardson90
72Daniel Green203vsTrevor Dennison170
73Mark Harrison171vsJoseph Mulhern203
74Alan Windsor194vsAlex Pierson154
75Adam Vardy212vsAdam Jones188
76Paul Taylor190vsRoss Hassell134
77Phil Richards201vsDuncan Galloway139
78Ian Cayley205vsNeil Stewart174
79Phil Smith215vsJamie Thomson178
80Jamie Cooper188vsIain Sanderson219
81Mike Cronin105vsHadleigh Hobbs135
82Rob Harding132vsDan Hardwick200
83darren mckeown153vsandrew downie155
84Mark Turnbull182vschris panayi185
85Oliver Gordon167vsRobert Simpson171
86Chris Webb175vsAlfie Raistrick191
87Andy Caulfield181vsVince Siracusa196
88jonty cooke155vsBen Beill163
89Danny Fielden186vsJohn Barry184
90Joseph Colliass132vsLawrence Sprigings184
91John Parkinson162vsTony Lee140
92Matt Baldwin152vsArvi Kularia211
93Sam Blake201vsPeter Hayes150
94Dave Windsor162vsChris Norman151
95Damien O’Neill184vsStuart Allen175
96Stuart Blair176vsPaul Bagshaw156
97Jamie Stewart189vsEddie Fitz175
98Stephen Johnston173vsTim Carter147
99Paul Browne208vsDan McBrearty190
100Stephen Mealor115vsSam Drake169
101Harry Gill175vsNEIL FREELAND171
102Ben Moxon208vsSteven Almond174
103Duncan Hannigan204vsReece Cook178
104Flavio Chiappalone182vsSteven Hansell204
105Andy Heath173vsYabah Turnbull177
106Steve Cotton114vsGregory Lyford86
107Olly May201vsDean Collins224
108Adam Aloof207vsJake Anwar156
109James Page-Chatton146vsKevin Ryan189
110Ben Sabberton131vsDominic Elliott137
111David Harrison185vsStuart Newton222
112Marcus Blowers208vsSamuel Breen144
113Simon Chatten209vsJack Mosley198
114Dips Shah174vsDean Cummings210
115SCOTT HASSELL98vsIra W204
116Craig Smith167vsAndrew Clarke177
117dominic smith188vsSean Griffin161
118Sachin Patel161vsHaroon Rashid92
119Kevin Flynn214vsMatthew Silley162
120Bernard Perry191vsMatthew Page-chatton191
121Dan Hepworth217vsIan Galloway180
122Paul Baker206vsPeter CRONIN174
123Mohammed Nasralla139vsJack Clarke223
124Toby Glicher195vsClayton Deakin178
125Asmir Begovic166vsLewis Bell185
126Paul Tate179vsEoin Reynolds70
127Richard Harrison122vsMalek Mansour137
128Ben Harta101vsTim McEwan176
FFUK Cup First Round Latest

128 ties to chew over there, but let me point you in the direction of some interesting ones. Some of these matches are very tight. Indeed two of them are currently all square going into the last week – tie number 5 (featuring Roni Friel and Chris Smith) and tie number 120 (featuring Bernard Perry and Matt Page-Chatton). 26 further ties are currently separated by less than 10 points, including tie number 95 (featuring regular FFUK contributors Damien O’Neill and Stu Allen)

At the other end of the spectrum some matches are the FPL equivalent of one way traffic, with five being led by more than 100 points! The biggest margin is currently in tie number 68 where where league leader Chris Brophy (rhymes with trophy) is battering poor Joseph Reid by 114 points.

Tie 125 features our resident celebrity Asmir Begvoic, but he’s not having a very good time of it, currently trailing Lewis Bell by 19 points. Mr FFUK, and reigning champion, Chris Galloway is in action in tie 12, but has work to do to overcome an 18 pioint deficit vs 2nd place in the league Harvey Smith (no, not that one).

The unluckiest FFUKer right now is probably Ashley Mather in tie number 20. His 205 points in October thus far ranks him 25th in the League for the month, but is still losing his first round tie to Marcus Holford (210 points), this despite scoring 100 points in GW9 …. Marcus of course had the league topping GW9 haul of 119 points! It’s only a five point gap though Ashley!

My own tie (number 122) vs Pete Cronin has turned fairly dramatically in my favour after the weekend’s events and I now hold a 32 point lead – but this is the cup and anything can happen!

A reminder that all the results from the FFUK Cup can be accessed here: FFUK Cup 21/22 and that the losers of each tie will be entered into the draw for the Milk Plate starting in GW11.

Good luck everyone.



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