GW13 REVIEW – Lucky man

GW13 Review – Unlucky for some, but maybe he is a LUCKY MAN!

When I delved into the Lyrics for LUCKY MAN by the Verve, it kicked off with ‘its life, its life, its life’ – I think this is a pretty solid reflection of most of our outlooks on everything FPL? Right?!

I mean, you can keep your marriages, becoming a parent and life’s professional achievements, in exchange for a string of solid game week returns?

Well you’d be a LUCKY MAN if that were the case…… let me tell you.

Personally, I look back to GW8 when I was sat in 3rd, and then to GW9 when down to 6th, before GW11 arrived and swiftly down to 9th, and now in GW13 looking up from 18th…….. FFUK ME! I know I should be grateful because it’s a big old league, but I think each of us has already enjoyed the peaks and troughs on Lucky, Unlucky, if not, get ready…….. It’s a thing!

I’ve even gone so far as to live in a Hitless FPL world, designed only for success I truly believed, only to be left questioning the foundations with which it is built, i.e. not surrendering unnecessary points! How many times do I have to learn?

Unlucky GW13 for some I hear you say, how many corners do I have to turn?

Even more unlucky was my H2H (head to head) opponent @Blakey still beating me!!!!

Shortly after UNLUCKY FFUKERS up and down a white covered UK got wind of Burnley v Spurs being off, and at just 1pm no less, he conceded the win!!! Hungover and dribbling on myself in the back of my mates car, I pulled together enough energy to respond with the ‘hands in the air’ emoji

For @Blakey, the snow meant No Kane, No Son, No Reguilon, No Brownhill …… The importance of a squad this season I hear Harvey scream…….. Wall banging his fist! With Livramento already having been pumped and sat on Nil point, there were cracks appearing everywhere. I could see why the towel was tossed. But this LUCKY MAN @Blakey still beat me and by 4 points with 9 men! Hats off!

Oh well, I suppose that is just happiness coming and going

I was unlucky enough to own Reggers myself, also CR7 with his UNLUCKY yellow card, and along with Cancelo and more players returning number two’s (insert poo emoji) than you can shake a stick at, my unlucky streak was continuing, a return of just 43 points. My season lowest GW! A point’s return just below the GW average of 44, and nobody wants to be average.

Just ask Peter ‘The Stalker’ Cronin! He is NOT average that man!!! That LUCKY MAN!!! Pete swapped in Jota, despite me calling the transfer a bit MEH. Pete’s response; ‘he only needs to score a brace Daz and those stats change’ – FFUK me Pete you were not wrong!!! The sub 5 pts per game Jota was yielding was soon to change. I even thought that Jota’s (7.7m) game time was quite restricted, but its 70 mins a game on average, in the 12 he has played out of 13

But I’m, a LUCKY MAN, in some quarters, as my 43 points was enough to see me scrape through in CONTS! Dodged a bullet! These UNLUCKY FFUKers however did not, at the hands of straight shooter @ChrisGalloway……..PEO, PEO:

Sean ‘Coolers’ Colohan and James Amar seeing Red this Game Week!

I bet you love that @SteveCronin

Spare a thought for these unlucky GW13 FFUKers, who thought travelling from the USA to Burnley in December was risk free

The Lucky Men of GW13………….

The round up…..

Saturday’s early kick off saw Arsenal beat Newcastle 2-0. Ramsdale (7) making some great saves. Arsenal’s fullbacks claiming an assist each. Did anyone see Tavares (11) shooting though?

Liverpool eased to a 4-0 win over Southampton. Jota (14) outscored Mo (6) and big Virgil (15) outscored Trent (9)

A number of FFUKers most likely brought in Benteke (2) this week only to see him outscored by John McGinn (10) in a 2-1 Villa win, Douglas Luiz went from ‘Unlucky for some to LUCKY MAN’ in the time it took Michael Salisbury to visit the VAR monitor and rescind the red card issued. RADAR ALERT – Ashley Young (4.7m) picking up back to back assists in the two back to back victories for slippy Gerrard – How UNLUCKY was Young when that bird shat in his mouth BTW

Norwich, rejuvenated under Dean with a draw at home to Wolves. Anyone got an eye on Williams (7) at 3.9m after his clean sheet and 1 bps?

Brighton v Leeds, was also Nil Nil. Not a lot to report from an FPL point of view.

Sundays 2 o’clocks were all about the weather, No Son but plenty of snow at Turf Moor where the game was postponed. This had FFukers scrambling for their benches. Were you Lucky enough to have Dennis the Menace (10) or was it Tino (0).

The televised game (for whatever reason) saw Brentford beat Everton. Toney (9) slotted home a penalty and picked up the 3 bps. Unlucky that Pickford has tiny arms and can’t save Peno’s unless he’s wearing an England shirt.

Some desperate FFUKers were hoping that the game at Leicester was called off at Half Time as that was the only way we were stopping this weeks Vardy (12) Party. I think there was group chat about the quality of Maddison during the week? Begovic must of screen shotted it to James, as he answered the FFUKing critics

BTW, not a single yellow card in the Leicester V Watford game, how Lucky is that? Vardy still owned by 26.6% in FPL and 25% in FFUK – 9 goals in 13 games, and sat top of the Forwards table with 74 points. He is no average FFUKER! In the top ten for VALUE (season) and less money than Ronaldo, just for your consumption and whetting of appetite…… who would doubt his returns? Swap him out for Kane? Some UNLUCKY FFUKER probably did!

And then there was the Etihad. All plain sailing for Cancelo (1) owners, on for 2bps and a clean sheet before Pep walked under a ladder somewhere and City conceded very late on. Gundogan (13) (unlucky for some) top scored.

Sunday finished with the big one, Mendy was the LUCKY MAN, when the ‘playing out from the back’ approach nearly bit him/them on the arse, a sloppy clearance had FRED through on goal, but LUCKY for Chelsea that FFUKER could not finish his dinner, and has not finished his dinner since GW1 of the season against Leeds (5-1) – Since that 7 pt return he has played 9 out of 12 games, and averaged 1.55 pts per game. Stay well clear I urge you, even under super Ralph and the Gegenpresse! Ronaldo (0) on the bench and deemed not suitable to said Gegenpresse. (Adds Gegenpresse to word dictionary)

Sancho (9) picks up his 1st league goal and 2nd goal in 2 united games, this cost many a FFUKer their double Chelsea clean sheets. Unlucky. United now have ARS on Thursday night, before a run of 8 reasonable fixtures. Will this see some FFUKers load up on red devils?

GW14 is nearly upon us so look after yourselves FFUKers, stay clear of black cats, walking under ladders and passing people on the stairs.

Below is a look at the TOP 20 and good luck to anyone in the last GW of their cup fixtures, I for one only lead by 5, will I be the LUCKY MAN!

Luck of the Irish still leading the way. Kevin Ryan (1st) holds on to top spot but has the chasing pack closing in.

Top scorer in the FFUK League this week was Oliver Gordon (244th) who managed 81 points just demonstrating the depth of this league.

Low scorer was Jacob Dunlop (240th) with just 17 points scored. Ouch.

Daz, King Cont, PhroneBoy

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