gw14 rEVIEW – Sweet disposition




A moment, a goal
A dream aloud
A booking, a cleanie gone
Our rights, our wrongs
To Transfer,to hit, to hold to not
A dream aloud
A moment, a love
A dream aloud – of winning the cup

Sweeeeet DisposItion – That’s how it felt for this writer on Tuesday night (well actually Wednesday morning as I live in Sydney – aka 11hrs ahead and hence the Aussie band choice) As Raphael Dias Belloli stepped up to take an injury time penalty against Vincente Guaita. Raphina as he is better know to you and I or ‘Raph’ as he is know in FFUK what’s circles – does he even take penalties? This is a massive 6 pointer for Leeds. Can he hold his nerve? The moment of silence that came across Elland Road just before he strikes the ball with a Jorginho esque run up was beautiful. As was the roar when it went it struck the back of the net. This is FPL at it’s finest. Opposition cleanie wiped out – Guaita had recently become the new hipster choices for Managers in search of alternatives to Ramsdale. Raphina up to 8 points. What about bps? Not to worry Meslier has banked 2 of those. My keeper and a much better differential. In the space of a couple of minutes I had secured 16 points form 2 Leeds players and watched my team (can you tell I support Leeds yet?) secure and all important victory. This to me is FPL heaven. A perfect matrimony of success for your club team secured by your FPL players.

What the FPL Gods give the just as quickly take away. Wednesday night was a different kettle of fish all together. (side note; has anyone everyone seen a kettle of fish? Norway perhaps?) All the regular big hitters took the night off. In the case of two of the most transferred in assets for the game week, they literally did – Reece James & Gundy’s Gone. Vardy, Rudiger, Antonio, Cancelo and AlonsNo combined for a paltry 8 points. Rinse your eyes, this is real. For context – combined, that’s 1 point less than the 0.3% owned Burnley left back, Charlie Taylor scored in this GW.

Not to worry, the main event was about that everyone was here for was the merseyside derby. Reds v The Toffees. Justin v Tim. Salah v Jordan teenie tiny arms Pickford. Justin V Bakes. He couldn’t let in 5 could he? It didn’t take long for Liverpool to get going but it was the on-field captain who shone first and not the one with effective ownership if 400% or something like that. Jordan Henderson settling an old score form his previously disallowed heartbreak form last year. A beautifully despatched opener with Robbo back amounts the assists. Fear not, Captain Mo didn’t keep us captainers holding out for too much longer as he cooly added a second when put through again by ‘Hendo’. Mo wasn’t done and a brace secured all 3bps with a 4th added by the main man upfront, Diogo Jota. Everton had their say though and a Demarai Gray goal wiped cleanies and smiles off many a Manger and their team. Not to worry, job done. Another solid captain return. Or was it? Rumours had it than up to 29 FFUK manager has given the armband to (1 goal in his last 13 league games) Harold the conquer of little European Nations, Kane. Home to Brentford though, right! What could go wrong?

The fun thing about the month of December and the many streaming opportunities for financial gain means games on random days. And what can be more random than a premier league games on a Thursday evening? Harry Kane – “hold my beer” Yes folks, he blanked again. Roni Friel, you should know better! There are three types of Managers when it comes to Spurs in the game right now. The first who are the ones who read the news about Harry saying he’s done and he wants a move up north to the join the Pep party, who are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see. The second are a nostalgic bunch who fondly remember Sir Kane of old who are faithful Kane owners and then the Son owners who are well, just smart and playing the numbers (Son has more points than Bruno this season). Well it was the latter whose faith was repaid with a goal. In true Spursy fashion though, he didn’t mange to pick up any bps so it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Shout out to Reguilon owners who have been nicely rewarded with 26 points in the first 3 PL figures under Conte’s stewardship. With Norwich to come on Saturday you wouldn’t be surprised to see him add to this tally.

Kings of GW14

Back up the M1 for mid-table clash between the Red Devils and the Gunners. Not really many surprises in the line up as Carrick played safe. Why? Utd were quickly put to sword when solid athlete and 6ft 4″ grown man, David DeGea collapsed to the ground after his own player stood on his foot at a corner. Perhaps he was taking Drop Dead Fred too seriously. Absolute Legend Emile Smith-Rowe or ESR as he is affectionately known in these parts duly smashed in the opener. The ref, because he is a tool and doesn’t know the very rules of the game he is there to officiate initially didn’t award the goal, despite blowing his whistle after the ball had hit the net because Senor DeGea might have had an ‘ouchy’ has my three year old would say. Sorry folks. No sympathy here. I really can’t stand the play acting and pretending to be injured in a professional sport. To be fair to Utd, they reacted well and Bruno equalised with only his 2nd goal since GW2. There had been a lot of chatter about some player on the pitch approaching 800 goals. Up stepped, Cristiano Ronaldo. Love him or hate you have to respect his numbers. and he added to this tally with the winner form the penalty spot. Odegaard after a lovely finish to equalise, inexplicably clattered dear old Fred to give away the pen. What was more interesting was the fact Bruno Fernandes didn’t take it. One to watch in the next few weeks as Man Utd have favourable fixtures and a new Manager at the helm. Though maybe ask Kane Mangers how that’s worked out so far.

29 FFUKERS gave me the armband, I shit you not boss.

So what does all this mean for the league? Well at the business end of the table KEVIN (insert Home Alone Voice over) Flynn still leads the charge on 979 points which has him neatly inside the top 5k overall, globally. A quick squizz at his game history shows this is no fluke and I expect him to be up there around the business end of the season. Great work Kevin.

In the Conts ……

Two go this week and the unlucky duo for GW14 are Sean Griffin with just 39 socred and Tom Newman with 43. Unlucky guys!

That’s it from me Folks. GW14, also wrapped up the 2nd round of the cup. I am happily though by 5 points but Bakes will be in touch soon with his usual CUPDATE.

Before I check out, a special mention to the Rainbow Laces campaign which was in full flow this week. It is about inclusivity for all and to foster a better atmosphere and community for the LGBT community through the beautiful game. Its sad that in 2021, no professional footballer feels comfortable or safe enough to come out, which is not reflective of general society and I was sad to hear that a small minority – (it literally was) of muppets (technical term) were shouting a chant of “rent boy” at Conor Gallagher in the Leeds v Palace game. I was equally pleased to read how the majority of the fans in that vicinity of the ground shouted them down and to stop the offensive chant. Leeds as a club were also quick to condemn. This tells me things are changing, just at a slow place. At the helm of this online FPL community, Chris Galloway and Pete Cronin have created a great platform (something they should both be proud of) for us FPL Mangers to have some fun, take the piss and generally console ourselves with our crazy FPL sections. (Mbeumo will score one day?). So it doesn’t matter, where you are from, what race, preference, gender or age. We are all one in this forum and if you happen to be at stadium or in a pub where such abusive chanting is directed at someone, don’t be afraid to tell them to shut the FFUK UP as we have your back.

Enjoy the quick turnaround for GW15. As for me, I think I might bring in ESR. He looks likes his Mum still drops him off at training but boy he has an eye for goal. Sorry Emile I might just be about to put the hex on you.


Damien – El Loco ( FFUK RANK – 92nd)

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