Welcome to the GW17 REVIEW – OUT OF CONTROL

Fixture chaos, a pandemic, players missing left right and centre – one could be forgiven for thinking this was all getting a bit OUT OF CONTROL. And we haven’t even had the bad weather yet…

3 games were gone this week. I had 7 players missing from my team. And now I have a terrible hangover (not strictly relevant but i thought you should know). At this time of year the flurry of fixtures can make or break us but this season there is COVID to deal with (again) on top of everything else. With so much up in the air and so much uncertainty around we must be on our toes as already GW18 is missing 4 fixtures. Its all getting a little OUT OF CONTROL!

With the quick turnaround this will be short and relatively sweet (for some, less so for others but we have to do this, think of it as closure). Let’s start with the Kings of the GW.

KDB is back and just in time for xmas. Mahrez and Foden werent far behind and Johnny Stones even got in on the act. Elswhere the Villa pair of Ramsey and Watkins both came up trumps for their owners. Broja went big but plenty sold or benched as he was flagged. Jonjo Shelvey rolled back the years scoring plus max bonus somehow. Trent continues to break every record for a defender going. That just leaves Saiss who cleaned up with a goal, clean and max bonus. Fabianski was the best GK this GW.

Now to the top 20 in the FFUK league

Kevin Flynn (1st) leads the way and will be looking to hold on to top spot for xmas. However Brendan Ryan (2nd) will have other ideas as he was (nearly) top scorer in the whole league with 87 scored although there was an 8 point hit, but a net 79 closes that gap to the top to just 4 points. BE CAREFUL!

Alastair McNeil (180th) was in fact BEST GW SCORE with 85 as he did not take a hit. Well played, especially this week.

At the other end of the scale Paul Bagshaw (234th) low scored with just 21 points.

Everyone else in somewhere in between Paul and Alastair. Cosy.

Now to the CONTS

WIth so many cancellations it was always going to get messy this week. I was convinced I was gone with so many players out but I was not alone in struggling to get a team out. Not sure it gets any messier than a former King Cont being evicted but that’s what happened to Daron Russell who scored 47 with his 9 men. Who would go with him? Well that was a close call. Ossama Mouslimani and Vince Siracusa both scored 50 but by virtue of his superior overall rank Vince is saved (only just though) and Ossama joins Daron in getting the boot. Tough luck chaps, it was a little out of your control.

Into Kloppage time

We go again very quickly and there is very little time to assess anything. Let’s hope things don’t get any more OUT OF CONTROL. For those of us struggling this season perhaps this is a good thing as we don’t get to sit and rue our mistakes. For those who are flying its just about keeping it all together.

Harvey Smith (5th) will be back with you for the next review but for now I would like to wish every FFUKer a great xmas and new year and more importantly, wherever you are in the world, stay safe!

Christmas cheers

Chris (80th)

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