GW18 REVIEW – Hotel Illness


It was the week that was Christmas and all was quiet… mostly because they called the bloody games off.

Oh Good heaven, where is my medicine?

Please check in at reception, HOTEL ILLNESS will be accommodating us all over the break and for the foreseeable future. So with a little time on our hands (a whole week before the next gameweek… you could almost call it a holiday) I thought I would add a few bits into the review and also throw in a suitable song from my youth, congrats if you have heard of them, and hell yeah if you were lucky to see them live.


Kevin Flynn (1st) holds on to top spot for xmas fending off the late surge by Brendan Ryan (2nd). Chris Brophy (3rd), James SImpson (4th) and Dan Hardwick (5th) complete our Fab festive 5. These are the FFUKers to beat in the new year.

Back in the Premier League players are dropping like flies, managers and coaches too. The teams we love are being taken apart one player at a time and as the song suggests, love ain’t supposed to be a punishment, But it certainly feels like one at the moment (especially if you’re a Ronaldo owner who looked odds on for a big game week) or one with an LFC triple up for next week, only to hear their week 19 fixture with the woeful Leeds defence is now off.

Speaking of punishments…

This was a week when we evicted 4 of Conts and unfortunately it was to be Vincent Siracusa – and the well named Chiellini Con Carne, Jake Walker (Vicious Traditions), Richard W-H’s strangely named Research & Prep RAP and finally by just one fantasy point we also lost Zac Cox (ROBINsons FC).

At least you can focus on the league now, or at least that’s the usual PR message.

Yeah. This weeks fashion was most definitely last weeks flavour. The much lorded Bernardo Silva blanked again, as did the “must have” Ramsey (only two returns in last 5). Many that we were advised to recruit for the “fixtures” became redundant as so many games fell upon the COVID wastelands. Please Santa send us some games to cheer.

Although, there was some good news (not for me, reviewers curse and all that). Despite there only being a few games. The top score was a staggering 86pts from John Stephens (19th), a truly remarkable score considering there was just FOUR games this week. Which also brings up the Kings of the Gameweek nicely. As you can see, quite a few city players here which basically formed the success of the week – you either had Cancelo (18pts) or you suffered. Quick nod to the inclusion of Jose Sa – the much overlooked wolves defence is definitely something to consider in the coming weeks, not so much their attack though.

Our stay at the Hotel Illness is going to be somewhat prolonged, but there is a little lifeline being offered with the understanding people over at FPL HQ offering us another free hit chip. Yes you heard that right, we will get another free hit chip this season to use anytime after GW20.

Now you may choose to keep this extra chip as another useful option when all the double gameweeks start (no exact dates yet as all speculation really, but could be as soon as GW21/22 however, with Covid rife I wouldn’t bet your house on any of this yet, wait until it’s actually confirmed). Or you may need to use it soon, the option is yours, just have fun with it. Typically the free hit chip is worth around 12-14pts extra but this time it might just mean you can field 11 players instead of 7! Salah, TAA, Raphina, King / Dennis etc are all out already and there are still two testing days to fixtures (I’m copywriting this!).

So, now is the season to prepare, pray, offer turkey based sacrifices to the gods of FPL. Games will be cancelled, Squads will be stretched and and vice captains will actually be important. Not as important as having 15 players who can play… triple and doubling up could be a risk. But then, what is fantasy without a bit of risk.

It’s a time to be happy and look for the hope in life. You never know, it could all go your way with a big bow on it soon.

So sit back on the warm couch, pour another drink and have a very merry Christmas you lovely bunch of FFukers for Gameweek 19 is very nearly upon us.

Harvey Smith (7th)

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