GW26 Review – Weapon Of Choice


Salah was most peoples Weapon of Choice

GW26 Summary

GW26 week really had so many chips in play with many different strategy options. The announcement of DGW 28 and 29 before the deadline had many ‘experts’ changing from multiple hits with TC to wildcard.

Salah was the obvious choice for a TC and the results were conclusive. His Effective Ownership was probably (not fact checked) an all time high of 266% in top 10K and 213% in FFUK. This week in FFUK we had a massive 183 chips in play! . Mainly TC (127 on Salah), some FH, a few BB and 12 WC.

A great and interesting week for FPL, although we all needed to captain Salah at the very least, you had options. This was not a week for differential captain picks. Especially as Klopp turned into Pep, resting Robbo and TAA for the first game of the double.

my team and STRATEGY

My strategy was always to FH in 26 , as I only had 2 doublers and as my team in 27 is looking OK. I will WC in 28. Probably use TC in 29 on Salah.

I just needed Salah, my captain, to blank…

Another FFUKing penalty

The Football

My 3 word GW of each team, if a DGW they have 6 words!
Views are my own and not necessarily shared with FFUK.

Arsenal – Won but conceded in both games

Villa – All going wrong

Brentford – Stop the rot

Brighton – Not expecting that

Burnley – May stay up very impressive results

Chelsea – Left it late

Palace – Lots of late drama, thanks Wilf

Everton – New manager bounce?

Leeds – Championship called, they want you back

Leicester – Simply can’t defend

Liverpool – Making the premier league interesting again

Man U – Remember Leeds shit

Man C – Thanks for losing

Newcastle – Another good result

Norwich – Given head start

Southampton – Impressive result again

Spurs – The clue is in the name

West Ham – Still doing good

Wolves – Three points but conceded in both

Watford – Remember Villa Shit, so are you

Brief FPL overview

Kings of the GW

Some very high scores. Everyone on here was a DGW player.

FFUK view

FFUK top 20

This was a huge scoring week. All top 100 FFUKers scored 100+ points.

Paul Marshall (44th) was the weeks top FFUK scorer with a whopping 176 with hit taken off. He also becomes our highest GW of the season- you are certainly not flopping.

FFUK captain and chip stats


Will Johnson is the super unlucky CONT. He scored 127 and is gone…


Into Kloppage time and the FFUK cup draw is on the 3rd March and will be on YouTube. A update will be coming soon.

Until next time,

James Downie
McGinn and Juice (18)

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