GW28 REVIEW – Cash is KING!



It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…
Some times maybe good, some times maybe shit…
Football, bloody hell…

~ A three-line summary of GW28!

The fact I’ve got a window shorter than the Jesse Marsch new manager bounce to write this review up after the week in football that GW28 is a travesty in itself.

In the words of Sir Alex, ‘it’s squeaky bum’ time as we’re into the final countdown with 10 GWs to go. But these wont be an ordinary 10 GWs, oh no. The clever FFUKers will have clocked on to the fact at the end of GW28 teams should have played 28 league games. And guess what? With 10 weeks to go, only 10 teams have hit 28 games. With 3 having only played 25!😲

What this all means is squeaky bums could become leaky bums by the time the season is out!!💩

GW28 was another gruelling DGW, 8 teams featuring twice.

Going into the week the chats and blogs all had the common topic of which selection dilemmas between players from the same team?

  • James or Rudiger (or Silva)?
  • Fraser or Willock?
  • Coutinho or Ramsey?
  • Cash or Digne ?
  • Havertz or Mount?

If you had gone for the picks on the left, you’d have been pretty darn happy with your GW!🎉

But what tactics did you FFUKers use? As you can see from the below from Statto Steve, a whooping 83 chips were used, 37 wildcarding either in tactical play or blind rage, FHers and BBers taking advantage of 8 DGWers.

‘In Salah We Trust’ was once again the most selected captain at 26% with Coutinho 2nd, Rudiger and Jiminez making up the top 4. However from that list there was only one winner…

Top haulers for GW28 were:

  • Cash – 29 points, joint 4th highest haul in FPL history
  • Havertz – 26 points
  • Coutinho – 23 points (46 point haul for the 12% of captainers)
  • Chambers – 20 points (0.2% game ownership🤔)
  • Ings – 20 points.

A player that was close to making the list was Reece James, an impressive 18 point haul on his return again Burnley, but only to return to the treatment table for the next 4 games with a muscular injury.🤕

Special mention to the traditional but now less fancied single GW players who hauled. The sweet ginger prince himself, KDB (18pts), PenalToney (17pts), Doherty and Mahrez (14pts).

Where there are hero’s there must, must I tell you, be villains and some players really did let us FFUKers down!

Ramsey, JWP, Willock, Broja, Dennis, Raphina, all highly owned but with no DGW returns.👎🏼

And Arsenal deciding against defending versus Watford to ship 2 goals.

Finally, contract rebel Rudiger having a rest a on the bench vs Norwich.


In the FFUK league we have a new leader. Congrats to Ian Cayley (1st) our new leader who scored a mammoth 143 points using his bench boost.

But the GW champion FFUKer with an impressive net 150 points was Bernard Perry (21st). Bench boosting and sticking the armband on Coutinho, helping him on his way to GW glory – and he is the latest name on the Best GW Score page

And this weeks unfortunate loser in the Conts mini league with 56 points and captain Thiago Silva was Dan Hardwick. Unlucky Dan!

And then there were 10.. !


GW29, we go again, with another 8 teams playing twice, will you get the flip of a coin selection right? Do you follow the form? Judge it on the couple of beers in MOTD eye test or just ask Coolers who his favourite players are and take it as gospel?!

  • Son or Kulusevski?
  • Saka or Odegaard?
  • Salah or Mane?
  • Robertson or TAA?
  • ASM or Joelinton?

Big players make big decisions!!

This week’s song choice is Dirty Cash by Adventures of Stevie V. Cause in the end I was crying ‘Dirty Cash I want you, Dirty Cash I need you more!!’

Good luck to you all in GW29!

Ameet Shah “The False 9” (43rd)

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