In 2001 Blink-182 released their seminal book Blink-182: Tales From Beneath Your Mom. It didn’t win any awards and I’ve not read it,but I came across it when googling details about this week’s song choice the classic US Teen Punk/Rock I Miss You.

When I accepted the chore honour of writing the review for GW30 it only had 2 games scheduled to be played at that point, fortunately for us lucky FFUKers the FPL gods bestowed two more games on us. In my opinion this made GW30 an interesting conundrum – to use a FH and go template or to take hits to get 10 or maybe even 11 players out…

And for those that did FH, it must have been beautiful not having to worry about Pep-Roulette, Tuchel Tombola or which UTD player would let you down this week.

We should know by now however that all the best plans go to shit 1 second after deadline and team news is revealed, and in a blink a key player is missing or even worse a ‘key’ player JIMENEZ (34.7% FFUK ownership), gets harshly sent off in the 53rd with Wolves 2-0 up at home to Leeds with many of us praying for a Wolves cleanie…

So with an International Break foisted upon us, and a GW filled with enough acts of frustration to make even the most committed FFUKers question why we play this game, this song choice seemed appropriate!

Hello, there

The angel from my nightmare

The shadow in the background of the morgue

Some interesting facts – the band’s name is pronounced Blink 18-2, not Blink 182. It was heavily rumoured to have been inspired by the number of times Al Pacino’s character in Scarface, Tony Montana, says Fuck FFUK. However, in their 2001 book the band confirmed the number is meaningless, a bit like trying to find a forward to partner Kane in FPL that actually scores…


So onto the football… as already mentioned Wolves were 2-0 up at home, with goals from JONNY (7pts) and TRINCAO (12pts) and despite being down to 10 men, we watched Wolves clean sheet points register at 60 mins for SA (30.2%), COADY (33.6%), SAISS (17.9%) and AIT NOURI (3.4%) before they collectively went missing as Leeds came back to score 3 goals. AYLING (13pts) and HARRISON (8pts) the standout performers.

Match of the Day on Saturday was literally the Match of the Day, as Villa vs Arsenal was the only FPL game scheduled. Early news came out that RAMSDALE (38%) would be missing due to injury, along with MARTINELLI (14%). This news left Free Hitters, Hitters and FPL influencers distraught and questioning how we hadn’t considered this possibility

Where are you?

And I’m so sorry

I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight

Fortunately for FFUKers (and Gunners everywhere), SAKA (11pts) showed up to slay Stevie G’s Villa side, with all their players including COUTINHO (42.5%), CASH (27%) and RAMSEY (22%) all missing in action and in points.

I miss you, I miss you

Leicester vs Brentford was first up on Sunday. In years gone by Leicester would have provided numerous options for FFUKers but with a dodgy defence, multiple injuries and clearly prioritising Europe, the FFUK ownership stats tell us all we need to know for the coming weeks: MADDISON (15%), BARNES (19.8%), SCHMEICHEL (15.7%) and AMARTEY (12.7%) the highest owned players. Even the Scouts had a mare selecting PEREIRA (0pts) in their picks only to see him left on the bench. BARNES (5pts) and MADDISON (10pts) both had attacking returns along with CASTAGNE (14pts) – one to consider maybe but be careful if you do, 4 clean sheet points were banked when he came off in the 64th minute before Brentford got a goal back in the 85 minute.

So onto the final match of the GW, Tottenham vs West Ham, also known as Kane/Son/Kulu/Doherty vs West Ham if the ownership stats are anything to go by.


The SON (15 pts) rose again in North London with 2 goals which were all assisted by KANE (13pts). But BENRAHMA(8pts) – remember him – scored his first goal in the league since December 28th 2021 and destroyed everyone’s hopes of securing clean sheet points…

This sick, strange darkness

Comes creeping on, so haunting everytime


In the league the Top 10 largely stayed in the same positions with the only mover being me (SOUTHCOAST GUNNER) swapping places with Adam Aloof (VASCO DA JANNER) 9th to 8th. Ian Cayley (OLE’S AT THE WHEEL – 2074pts) remains the leader, with Sachin Patel (FUL H.A.M –2073pts) 1 point behind. Very toight at the top!

With only 4 matches THE CONTS was always going to be a tricky affair in GW30. Tina Whitehouse (DIRTY PRETTY MINGS) bravely took no hits nor made any transfers, but with RAMSDALE, KILMAN, RAPHINA all going missing, with 52 points, she was the lowest score…good bye.

And in the night, we’ll wish this never ends

We’ll wish this never ends

Before I finish, a couple of well dones to FFUKers….

Manager of the MonthTim Carter (NOTTINURMUMS FOREST)– 303 points

Best Gameweek Score Alan Windsor (GRANDAD’S ARMY)– 84 points

Will you come home and stop this pain tonight?

Stop this pain tonight

And so we move onto another largely meaningless International break, with GW31 nine days away at the time of writing this review. Transfers are already being made – really?! Questions are being asked and Twitter is alive with debate and influencers shilling you their best/worst strategies/transfers…

  • Will TAA drop in price? Should you sell?
  • Is double Weggie worth more than a single ASM?
  • Which City player do you want to be Pepped with?
  • Can you really triple up on Utd players GW33?

Try to switch off if you can, but let’s be honest with ourselves where FPL is concerned…

Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already

The voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)

Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already

The voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)

Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already

The voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)

Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already

The voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)

I miss you, I miss you

I miss you, I miss you

I miss you, I miss you

I miss you, I miss you

Good luck to one and all.

James Simpson – Southcoast Gunner (8th)

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