Welcome to the GW36 REVIEW – GOOD RIDDANCE

I’d been looking forward to the GW for quite a while. I’d saved my chips / tokens accordingly, played my Wild Card in GW34, lined up my (fifteen) ‘ducks’ all (theoretically) playing twice and engaged the Bench Boost, for the glorious DGW (36).

As I locked-in my team on Friday evening I was confident: I sat back smugly with a beer, the plan / theory / hope was 30 carefully selected players all providing bountiful points.

Hell, one year, people in our league were scoring over 200 points on a DGW. I was hoping for some of ‘them apples’!! Let’s just say I had sweet (wet) dreams and woke on Saturday with ‘morning glory’!

FPL is something unpredictable
But in the end, it’s right
I hope you had the Game Week of your life…

… Not me!

GOOD RIDDANCE to it I say!!

Everything that could go wrong did, and everything that could go right didn’t!!

Players hooked at half time, rested, injured, rotated, out of favour, I could go on…

By all accounts, it wasn’t disastrous (117 pts), I just expected and wanted more!

I think whether you had a brilliant GW or not basically depended on who you captained and whether you had KBD or not.

Like the majority of FFUK mugs (55%), I Captained Salah (3). Hard to admit but he’s on a ‘relative’ decline. 12% of clever peeps captained The Ginger Prince (30). Son (20) & Kane (13) had 4 % & 8% captainship, which would have pleased those who gave them the armband.

Four of the eleven ‘Kings of the Week’ were single GW players! How? Why? What?!!

Too many players let us down again! Or did we let ourselves down for continuing to pick them or for keeping them in our teams?!

So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why
It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

A long hard look in the mirror isn’t required, the lesson has been learned, it’s simple, just say GOOD RIDDANCE to the following: –

Dennis (2) – you’ve ‘stung’ me all season. I seriously question my sanity for continually picking you!

Havertz (1) – 1 measly minute played out of a possible 180! Go FFUK yourself!!

Pukki (4) – why did I entrust you to get me points. The party was over two years ago!

Tavres (1) – your price enticed me, you’re cheap for a reason!

Coutinho (3) – 17pts from the last 8 GW’s – ‘fools gold’!

Weghorst (2) – if Pele played in this Burnley team he wouldn’t score!!

Werner (2) – I have no words.

Jesus (2) – Thou should not worship false idols! And ironically not ‘nailed-on’!!

Smith Rowe (1) – his time will ‘come’, but ‘not tonight Josephine’!!

Kulusevski (5) – a poor man’s Son!

Any Leeds player – thanks for being even shitter than Everton!

Any Man Utd player – an unbelievable fall from grace!

The solution to incurable low scoring and painful ownership – FPL euthanasia!

It wasn’t all doom & gloom. There were some almighty scores. Fifteen players scored in excess of 150 points! Needless to say, twelve of them Captained KDB and all but one used a chip!

There were joint top scorers for this GW and the season thus far – Steve Cronin (6th) my unofficial (Last Action) hero and Ossama Mouslimani (3rd) both scored 186pts!! SUPERB!

I’m getting a statue of Steve commissioned for my orangery. In years to come, when it’s worn and weathered, it might look like Pete!! 😉

The erratic and inconsistent scoring meant huge swings and shifts in league positions for some.

Top of the League is still Brendan Ryan (1st).

Sachin Patel (2nd) & Ossama Mouslimani (3rd) both closed the gap though and moved up the league.

Only thirteen points separate the top five – ‘toight’!!

In the Conts, with only three left, the chance of GOOD RIDDANCE was high. Thirty-three point three recurring to be exact! And that percentage unfortunately resonated with Joseph Colliass (13th). Gone and most likely forgotten.

It’s now a straight ‘battle of the bastards’! Well, Neil’s!! Of the Stewart (59th) & Goodwin (41st) varieties! Good luck guy’s, may the best Neil win.

Two GW’s to go; hopefully you’ve still got something to play for? And if you haven’t, there is something called PRIDE! Think about it…

Stu Allen (65th)

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