First off, yes it’s a return to my inner emo roots with a track that not only has a hidden message for us all, but also is named after the sense currently running through most of the FPL community. Panic!

Forgive my indulgence, I am writing this having drunk many wines, but there is still some in the bottle so lets see how we do.  Let me begin with a word of caution before we all go throwing our assets on the FPL fire of despair. Last year Arsenal began their season by losing the first three game, conceding 9 goals and scoring none. They finished 5th, and probably should have finished higher. Coincidentally, Arsenal won three of their next 4 games and conceded only 1 goal. Things change fast in fantasy.

This time last year the advice we were getting from our FPL experts for those wanting to wildcard for GW4 was to get in Aubameyang, Adama Traore, Lukaku and Ferran Torres. So just as a little word of warning, not one of those “great prospects for the next set of fixtures” really worked out that well did they?

This season the GW3 top point scorers were: Odegaard (16), Saliba (14), Harrison (14), Rodrigo (13), Bernardo Silva (13) and Saint-Maximan (13). I have seen several articles and pods advising players to not pick all of these guys because there are “better” options – not so much this week huh?

I am fairly sure that by the end of the season it will only be one or two of those players at most who still feature in our teams.

So, for a change take some advice from a man sitting happily in 3.8 millionth.

Don’t Panic!

It’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

After three weeks last season the top 10-point scorers in FPL were:


Feeling a bit better now? Look at it this way, every expert out there is telling us how to get that top 10k finish, shouting how there are wrong picks and right picks, and who you SHOULD have, and who you HAVE TO SELL. Here is the thing. They don’t know. It’s week three, not week 30! There are currently 9.5m teams, we can’t all finish in the top 10k and more importantly we don’t have to be there or anywhere near it to win at the end. Last seasons winner was nearly 7 millionth at one point.

What I can say is if you have a logical reason for picking someone then do it. If you don’t like someone then get rid. You will feel better and then can adopt an air of casual nonchalance, don your favourite hat and stride freely and happily towards gameweek 4 – poise and rationality for us – OK the hat is optional.

Right, third glass being poured and my first recommendation of the week – Piccini Memoro – a lovely red with great depth and a bargain in Sainsburys now after last week’s price drop. Sorry, back to the review. Top of the FFUK league currently is Kevin Ryan, scoring a whopping 70pts this gameweek. Forget everything I’ve said – copy Ryan! (Could be the wine talking).

The average GW score this week in FFUK was 47pts, so well done to anyone who got over that as the carnage was real this week. The “big at the back” template took a real kicking, Chelsea and Liverpool disappointed again, City conceded 3 and most teams ended up with scoring very few points in defence. Only Arsenal and Spurs players came away with any real returns. This is reflected in our gameweek scores this week, only one gameweek in the 2021/22 season had a lower average score than this week.


Ally Edwards took the award for top point scorer with 71pts (no hits), the armband on Salah proved to be the best option amongst the highly owned premium assets in a tough week.


71pts isn’t too bad at all, but it’s a long way off the team of the week this week which scored a massive 134pts, which is yet another nod to those of us who like to take the experts advice with a pinch of salt… I didn’t hear many of them last week saying go get Che Adams, Johnson and Veltman in your teams, did you?

(Dis)Honourable mention also must go to Darryl James who has been kicked “Straight Outta Conts” with a miserable 29pts.

That’s enough for this week, lets draw a line under it or through it, pour another glass and get us ready for the next stress inducing gameweek to come that we all love.

Remember, it is a 38 week season, trust your logic and FPL is one third action and two thirds patience. Enjoy the ride, try some poise and rationality… and maybe a hat



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