gw13 review – Substitute

You think we look pretty good together
You think my shoes are made of leather

But I’m a substitute for another guy
I look pretty tall but my heels are high
The simple things you see are all complicated
I look pretty young, but I’m just back-dated, yeah

The simple things you see are all complicated…… If ever there was a line that sums up hindsight of an FPL gameweek. Never more so than this week where Substitutes for most FFUK players teams simply ran riot! Personally I had Darwin up top so my Substitute was in play…. would it be Andreas and his smooth 10pt haul? Would it be Neco and his more than efficient cleanie against Liverpool generating 6pts? Alas the answer was NO and my first Substitute came jogging of the bench in the shape of the 1 point wonder Marc Cucurella…. At least I can take solace in playing Raya against an Aston Villa team lacking in goals (who then conceded 4 goals but still managed to get 2pts) instead of the ultimate bench troll, sorry I mean Substitute, Danny Ward and his 8 point haul versus Wolves, he even managed to sneak in a Bonus point. Also spare a thought for those who had Foden starting and Bailey, Almiron or Andreas as first sub.

In the FFUK WhatsApp group there is a weekly ritual whereby someone posts the FPL Scouts pick “Team of the Week”. Then unprompted and without further dialogue a list of numbers follows which indicates how many players in that team are in each FFUK players team that week. I’d like to put a Substitute variation on this ritual within this gameweek review and ask for folks to do the same but in terms of how many of the below players in the Team of the Week were on your bench…. If anyone had Haaland on their bench do yourself a favour and don’t make it publicly known, instead have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you even bother….

OK so I’ve done a lot of talking (well moaning) about the Substitutes bench but now lets get onto our starting 11’s and how they faired this GW. James Nalepa in 12th spot was the biggest of big hitters this week claiming 88 points, which in real terms was 62 points as Haaland captain is somewhat of an equalizer.

Other notable mentions are Paul Bagshaw on 85 points and our very own whiskey sipping Roni Friel on 78 points, not only does this get them a shared mention in the GWR but they also now share the same FFUKing league position in joint 42nd…. Spooky… Oh wait that’s next week! An extra special shout out has to go to Joseph Mulhern in 106th place who got a whopping 77 pts without Haaland as his captain, but yep you guessed it he didn’t have the following as Substitutes with Ward, Neco, Andreas all in his starting 11 – his bench had a total of 2 points on it – quality man management there Joseph

The simple things you see are all complicated

So its all change in the top 3 with John Harper jumping form 3rd to 1st and David Harrison (2nd) and Jamie Cooper (3rd) dropping a place each as a result. Special shout out to last weeks GWR author Mark Tarbox who climbed 2 places into 12th and 2 new FFUK WhatsApper’s breaking into the Top 20 in UTD fan Craig Sharman 18th (up from 24th) and Mr Hot Tub Sex Machine himself Jason Beal in 19th (up from 27th)

Some big names in contention for eviction this week in the likes of James Simpson, Harvey Smith, Tim McEwan and James Downie and not forgetting the Godfather of FFUK Mr Duncan Galloway himself but unfortunately it was Janine Goodwin who’s team Winters Dream had more of an Autumn Nightmare and despite racking up 24pts in hits (that don’t count) Janine was out on 37 pre hit points – unlucky Janine.

Talking of unlucky – everyone hold onto their hats – Conts next week is massive – its going to be a Thriller or a Horror show, either way it will takes years off you!

Thanks for staying with me folks


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