GW28 REVIEW – Push the button


“cause you woke up in the mornin’
With initiative to move, so why make it harder?

Did you hold back? Did you galvanise your team with a GW26/27 WC? Or did you wake up in the morning, see you had 6 starting players and PUSH THE BUTTON? 24 FFUKers did and played their Free Hit chip, while another 8 pushed the WC Button, including my H2H opponent Bakes and by all accounts it didn’t work out too bad for him – 60 points and a defeat for me over my paltry 45. I didn’t help myself, going out to wet wee St. Pat’s head and coming home a bit worse for wear with all the good intentions of bringing in Ollie Watkins(5) for the Norse God, but alas I fell asleep and forgot to push the button. (the deadline is 5:30am in my part of the World! :))

In what is traditionally the biggest BGW of the season due to the FA cup, it wasn’t that bad this year with many of the popular assets having a fixture. Kicking off with some Friday night footie as Newcastle put Forest to the sword 2-1. The cleanie’s continue to dry up for the Geordies, but FPL player of the season candidate Trippier at least chipped in with another assist for a 5 pointer. However it was Isak(13) who stole the show with 2 goals and after a cheeky Trippier penalty line up.

Saturday’s fixtures didn’t disappoint either. There was the 1-1 at Brentford, disappointing Managers everywhere with their shiny new Brentford toys, Then their was the 2-2 at Everton. Even with James(4) and Chilwell(1) starting, Chelsea conceded 2 to goal shy Everton. But Spurs said hold my beer and went super Spursey and nailed the trifecta with a 3-3 thanks to a meltdown only bettered by serial finger pointer Antonio Conte. The most popular captain choice this weekend, Kane disappointed owners with a non bonus accompanied goal for just a 6 pointer.

JWP(10) has worked out the best way to take a pen is like a free-kick.

Team of the Week – Some real belters in there with Saka(18) being the only player of notable ownership. Anyone on an FH to took a few punts was well rewarded.

The game of the weekend, if I say so myself was the now annual Paddy’s weekend battle at Molinyeux. Leeds again taking the plaudits winning 2-4. Thanks to goals form Harrison (9), Ayling (6), Kristensen (7) and Rodrigo (6). Wolves Jonny (3) had a field day, with a 40 yard lob of Leeds keeper Meslier (2), conceded 4 goals and a red card to boot. What was most interesting for the statisticians was that this was Luke Ayling’s first goal since he last scored against the exact same opponents in the same stadium in the same goal exactly 1 year to the day. A game in which Leeds won 2-3, where Wolves also had a man sent off and Rodrigo and Harrison were also on the team sheet.

Before we get to the MOTM and the latest Cont to get his marching orders, a special mention to Arsenal who keep motoring on. Saka coming up with goods again (he was definitely going to be my captain) with an 18 pointer. The may have even kept a clean sheet if Xhaka(9) and White(5) realised conceding corners is abad thing and maybe shouldn’t be celebrated.

March MOTM

So time for some prizes. Congrats to Mark Storrar who, thanks to some serious button pushing (WC GW26 & BB GW27) collects the £50 prize this month.

FFUK Top 20

It’s tight at the top with just 14 points separating the top 4, with only John Harper having “Pushed the Button”, playing his FH this week.

Last up it’s a dear old friend, Lady Cont. Never one to take prisoners, or sympathy, This week saw serial hitter, Roy Browne fall on his sword, despite a minus 28 hit.

We are down to the final 10.

That’s all form me folks. If the GW didn’t go to plan, don’t stress, there is the joy of the international break to slowly beat yourself up about it and then make rash impulsive decisions to shoe horn random DGW29 players into your squad at the expense of one of the greatest players the league has ever seen. Yes Erling Bret Haaland could be making way for Evan Ferguson.


Damo (Sonsational 129th)

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