GW27 REVIEW – It’s Oh So Quiet


This weeks theme song is in honour of a unique match of the day experience this weekend. While I did enjoy the brevity (20 minutes to research this review seems about right) I’m sure everyone is bored to death of the whole saga by now so we’ll move quickly along.

This week was all about the wildcarders bouncing back after a tough first week. Of course they were always building for the double. Remember a wildcard is not just for one gw, it’s for life – or at least until you rip your team up again. In reality the losses suffered last week were largely made up this week so perhaps all the talk of worst wildcard ever was premature.

It no doubt helped that Mo Salah (0) who punished them so badly last week fluffed his lines from the spot against Bournemouth this week. Toney (13) on the other hand came good for the 48 % of ffukers who captained him with next favourite Mitoma (12) also returning nicely. March (11) was the next best amongst the heavily favoured Brighton mid options and it could have been so much more were it not for the questionable vagaries of the fpl rules. Never change guys. Somewhat surprisingly Trossard (15) was the player of the week with a hat-trick of assists. Gabriel (14) was also busy while Kane (13) was the pick of the single gw players.

The 100 Club

All of this meant there was an impressive 49 ffukers in the 100 club this week, with the top 5 and 9 in total using bench boost. Andy Gosling (127) was top of this impressive lot with Darryl James (102) breathing a sigh of relief after using Triple Captain on Toney (13). More on his late heroics later. Tim Carter (93) was the other triple captainer on Mitoma (12) so both will be happy with their use of that chip this week.


It’s all change at the top with Rob Pitt (101) proving that goalkeeper transfers can be worthwhile. There are a lot of big names up there and only 9 points between the top 4 all of whom are comfortably in the top 10k overall. Well done ffukers, keep it up!

So there I was in the 6th of 7 additional minutes of injury time in the last game of the gw in last place in conts. Why oh why didn’t I take a hit when hits don’t count for conts? The Brighton Brentford game just ended which I thought had done for me but up popped big Ivan Toney to head the ball on to (big?) Yoane Wissa (7) and send poor Tom Newman (148th) packing instead. Sorry Tom, it’s a cruel game. Note to self, take a hit next week. In fact it’s getting to the point where conts might be worth playing for as all else is lost. Or do we just play for respectable rank and keep praying? 11 remain.


Justin (125th)

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