Hi FFUKers, hope everyone is doing OK.

I am not quite sure where to start this review. So much has happened this GW on and off the field. Some fantastic results and achievements mixed with what can only be described as desperate times and measures.

First shout out, goes to Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian king is without doubt now the FPL goat. That’s 200+ points in 6 consecutive seasons.

Haaland has done it. The guy is a machine. Im sorry and gutted I have not captained him every GW. 35 goals for the season with 5 games to go. 14million in FPL next season?

For many years now, all Premier League teams have had an emergency red button. When a club is desperate enough, they can press it. It really is a last resort and shows utter and complete desperation. No team has been desperate enough to press the button until this season. Press the red button and you get Big Sam. A deeply unlikable person. But at least he is modest, only saying he is as good as Pep, Arteta and Klopp.

Which brings me onto Frank Lampard. Can we all just take a moment to reflect on the state of the club. The 6th highest positioned Premier League team from London.

It’s so nice to support a Club that is being well run for the fist time in many many years.


There were some fantastic games on during this double game week. I have picked out the most memorable bits.

Palace won a great game. Maybe come backs for ex-England managers do work. Brighton thrashed Wolves and Bournemouth smashed Leeds. Liverpool won an entertaining and amusing game against Spurs. United won one game, 1-0 and lost one 1-0. It was so nice to see that the 99th minute penalty going against Manchester United versus Brighton for once. It was also nice for me, having Mac Allister in my team.

So it very much looks like Southampton are relegated. With Everton, Nottingham Forest, Leeds and Leicester, probably taking up the two other spots. Who will be the least shit?

The title now looks like it is Manchester City’s is to lose, I personally think the top four is decided now. With Liverpool or Brighton fifth and/or sixth. I just hope Aston Villa can overtake Tottenham for the last European space.


In FPL this GW was the biggest double left of the season with lots of points on offer. I’m guessing most of you reading this were planning this double GW for a while. My GW went OK although KDB my differential did not work out.

Danny FFUKing Welbeck

Brighton double clean sheet meant their defenders were valuable this week. 3 single GW mids including Odegaard (15) (I bet that pained lots of FFUKers) Salah being Salah (18) (2 pens) and Groß making up the mids. Not the Brighton mid we were hoping for.

Surprisingly Welbeck (17) and unsurprisingly Haaland (16) making the forwards.

ffuk, GW High and MOTM (John Harper)

John Harper (1st) has extended his lead at the top. He was also our top scoring FFUKer this GW with 149 and also the FFUK MOTM for April.

John is also up to 235 in the world. FFUK me! Amazing John and good luck for the last few game weeks.

Check out the FFUK top 20 as it stands below

Check out the MOTM final standings for April below


Unlucky Pete. Just blame Lampard.

Good luck to you all for the remainder of the season.

Until next time…


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