High risk, high reward.
How do we get up that table in FFUK? Quite frankly that’s been all I’ve been trying to do for some weeks and by the time I creep up a few places, I then have a bad week and slide straight back down again. Snakes and ladders? I’ve been steadily climbing the ladder, and then slipping back down the snake. What’s the point? I’m in 23rd now where I have been virtually all season, in and around 20th. I’m sure a lot of players feel the same, some good weeks, some bad, but mostly just sitting around the same place they were in the first place.
This morning Daz, in response to the mockery surrounding his Vardy Triple Captain last week, said the above – high risk, high reward. Daz was trying to get through to the next round of the Challenge Cup, from behind. Long term, if the league is the goal, of course Triple Captain is a big risk at this stage of the season. But if the motivation is simply to outscore one other team for one week, and cup glory, then why not? The truth is that Daz’s cup fixture came down to 5 points, and his opponent, Duncan Galloway had the same captain, Vardy. If Vardy had scored a goal that would have sent Daz through in the cup, on the back of the Triple Captain chip. That the chip didn’t get Daz through isn’t really the point, there’s every chance the chip wouldn’t mean a great deal later in the season.
Mark Tarbox had a cracker of a week off the back of captaining Ozil, the only player to do so. Mark rose from 10th in the league to 4th, which is phenomenal at this stage. The Top Ten is full of the most successful and consistent teams in the league, and Mark pushed 6 of them out of his way on his ascent. He went big, he went against the grain, he didn’t play safe, and it paid off.

My question is this, if we don’t go big, if we don’t take the risk, how do we get the reward? If I’m 23rd in the league now, a catastrophic week would see me drop to 35 or something, an amazing week would see me rise up to 12th maybe. That’s a big gamble, and I have to ask myself, would I take such a risk? I think you know the answer.


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