After last week’s controversy I thought I might go back to basics, re-assess what’s important in life, and maybe look for some messages from the greats for inspiration. The most poignant football moment I’ve had this week was courtesy not of Coutinho or Suarez, or even Mohamed Elneny either. No, this week, my inspiration comes from a bigger man, a man with humility, character and, a sense of humour.

This week, I’d like to thank Jurgen Klopp, for showing his wonderful nature by wearing a Beatles t-shirt into his press conference. What a legend!


Or so I thought.

I’m sorry Jurgen, but as much as I think you’re an amazingly lovely guy, tonight, I recognised that you have a job to do, and that that job is more important than your charming face. So, you brought a smile to my face today, bringing fun and humour, and a relaxed easy going vibe into fantasy football by celebrating one of my favourite bands in your very serious press conference today. I was humbled, life felt ok again! That was until I watched the video of the presser. Frankly Jurgen, if you don’t know of Ticket to Ride, you’re clearly not a serious Beatles fan, and your t-shirt wearing just becomes a token gesture. It’s like when my sister got into The XX all over again, she didn’t even like them properly!

Today I’ve gone from very stressed (there’s a lot going on at work), to sweetly massaged (the t-shirt), to frankly disgusted (the Ticket to Ride thing).

Please don’t use The Beatles for your own ends Jurgen!

Yes, I know that all the Liverpuddleans would love it and I understand why you’re doing it, but I can see through you! I know what you’re up to being so nice and winning all the football matches but let me tell you I’m not getting sucked in. No! No way!

I was thinking (very much) about putting Firmino in this week, in fact, I nearly wildcarded (partly cos of you and your mob) but then you reminded me of my own exterior visage. My visage says ‘all you need is love’ but really, I am cunning, I am smart, there is more to me than love, Paloschi is long gone, there are no more punts for Pete! I’m going hardcore, its business time and I mean business I’m telling you!

You’re lucky you’re playing the real game Jurgen cos if you were down here with me, 22nd in the FFUK league, then things could get nasty.

Watch out Jurgen. Just watch out. And stop being so bloody happy all the time!


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