The Final Countdown is upon us and FFUK needs your help…

Pete and I are planning our next FFUK video and we want you to join us. We are going to change it up a bit this time and do it via google hangouts a bit like our Xmas special video (or for a more professional version the guys at Fantasy Football Scout also do a scoutcast with a similar format). Are you keen?

Oh good you are.

Would you be free (and somewhere with WiFi) on Wednesday 30th March from about 7.30pm?

Ive checked and there is no other football on at that time. So what else would you be watching? Corrie? Masterchef? Tape it, this is more important.

needs you

The basic format will be an informal Q&A, nothing too stressful. I will send out the questions before so nothing suprises you too much. It’s a good chance to discuss the latest news ahead of the impendng final countdown. No topic is off limits but I’m sure we will mull over our fantasy team’s options with the rapidly approaching double GWs and our use of any remaining chips. If anyone wants to suggest a question for the video please do.


The actual video will probable take about half an hour to record but it normally takes a little while to get everyone sorted. Allow for an hour of your time, have a drink ready, that’s it. In terms of tech requirements, you need to be somewhere with minimal background noise (or use headphones) but you can do it on a smart phone or laptop or tablet or any device with a self facing camera. I will send you a google hangouts link on the day and you just have to click thru to join us. It is that easy.

So who’s in?

Let us know via the usual methods – email, comment below, whatsapp, text, phone, telepathy*

If we get more responses than expected then I’ll happily schedule another video for later in the season and I know the guys at Shaftesbury FC are up for doing one too – perhaps the next could be on one of their remaining home games.

If you can’t make the video for whatever reason then you can always watch live from anywhere in the world, I will add the link on here and on twitter. Or for everyone else I will put the video up on the site later that evening and you can watch at your leisure. With all these double gameweeks coming up can you afford to miss it?

*I can not guarantee that telepathy will actually work in this instance unless you think really hard

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