I don’ t know if anyone is interested in this but I’m just assessing some options for the run in and thought I would share my findings with everyone.

For this analysis I’m going to dart about a bit so bear with me, there may be something of use to all. I’ve orientated around prizes to make it a bit easier to navigate.


Manager of the Month 

This could be a bit naughty as currently Lester Deeble (2nd) looks odds on to pip both Manager of the Month and Best Gameweek Score prizes (as well as landing a Top Ten finish)…

Richard Harrison (10th) is currently leading the MOTM prize with 373 points for December. James Prebble’s (55th) 369 points for December is unfortunately not a prize-winning score as the runner up prizes here don’t go to whoever was second place for the same month the winner won, but are separated to a different month. The reason for doing this was because usually December is such a big month that it automatically dictates both the Manager of the Month winner and runner up and possibly even Best Gameweek Score and runner up too. Anyway, Chris and I did our best to avoid this and it looks to have worked. This means that currently the winner and runner up for MOTM will be for the months of December and April.

So, it looks certain that whoever scores the most points in April will win a prize for the month, overall or runner up. Even I am currently in the running for this but I will find it difficult to beat Lester and the likes of John Harper (8th) and Richard Green (52nd) . But there’s not a lot in it to be fair.

Prizes for MOTM are £50 for the winner or £25 for runner up.


Best Gameweek Score 

Currently Lester is also leading Best Gameweek Score with 178 points for GW34. Again, the second best score for GW34 is ineligible for a prize meaning that the next best is currently Matt Cox (11th) with 113 points for GW8. This means that there is a whopping 65 point window in which someone could usurp Matt’s standing runner up prize or indeed, someone could even surpass Lester’s winning score relegating him to a runner up prize. As there’s another double gameweek just around the corner in GW37 this prize is still very much for the taking.

This is a great prize with either £50 winnings or £30 for the runner up.





On this note, a number of people still have chips left. I stupidly punted on Lukaku in GW33 with my Triple Captain but in the Top 50 there are….

17 Triple Captains available

9 All Out Attack chips available

7 Bench Boost chips available


5 teams still have a wildcard if they fancy it!?!

Dammit. And I was feeling so chirpy about my current form. I’m one of the 20 Teams in the Top 50 with no chips left and could be severely punished  in the coming weeks for not being more prudent. The above chips are spread around up and down the league, 21 teams only have x1 chip to put it into context. That leaves 9 teams with more than x1 chip still left to play.


The Cups 

For those that got knocked out of the cups months ago it is easy to forget that they are still going on, but they very much are.

As far as the FFUK Cup goes, Donald Macauley (19thand Matthew Cox (11th are already both guaranteed prizes of either £100 or £50. Nice.

Currently Matt Cox leads this one by 286 points to Donald’s 263. But it aint over yet, there is still gameweek 36 to be added to the April scores.

And then there is the Challenge Cup with the final to be played in May. This means the final will constitute the combined scores of DGW37 and GW38. Prizes for the Challenge Cup are £50 for the winner and £20 for the runner up.

Currently the April scores are:

Mark Leathem 252 v Mark Tarbox 247 

Jamie Stewart 327 v Richard Harrison 261 

Loving how close the first fixture is!


So, that just leaves the Top Ten. Woo hah. There are placed prizes for all of the Top Ten beyond the massive amount of kudos for finishing in the upper echelons and going down into FFUK history. No analysis required here.




Spot Prize

The spot prize didn’t happen this season because a couple of people didn’t pay up and had to be booted out of the league. But I really liked the idea of a spot prize. The Spot Prize is basically me and Chris putting every single team in the league into a draw, and one winner gets free entry next year – simple.

Hmm. So I’ve decided I’m going to chip in with my own hard earned £10 for the spot prize and a chance to win free entry to the league next season, but as it’s my own cash, I’m going to have a say in how this prize works.

A random draw seems too easy though for this, and I don’t really want someone who isn’t even playing the game to win this prize, some effort at least is required. So.

Basically then it will apply only to people who have read (or at least know about) this article. Email or message me, call me, or feel free to just tell me on the whatsapp group, just tell me you want to be entered into the draw for the spot prize. Just give me your name and I’ll enter you into the draw at the end of the season. *Please note, once the other prizes are decided I will remove anyone who has already won a prize from the draw (I’m not that generous). And of course, I’m going to chuck myself into the draw too – because I’m fair like that. Tell you what, I’ll even put Chris into the draw too, well, because I’m a bit mad.

Seriously though, make your entries as otherwise it will just be me and Chris in the draw and if he wins the spot prize and there are only the two of us then it would be really bad. I’ll do the draw for the spot prize at the End of Season Party.

For more information on prizes click here


Good luck for the run in one and all.

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