Well, this seems about as momentous as it gets. The biggest double gameweek of the season was played out two weeks ago, and what followed in GW35 was many decimated squads and low scores as virtually all of us fell foul to rotations.

As it stands we are expecting similar this week. Spurs are expected to be deflated after dropping points to West Brom and Leicester have a tough match at Old Trafford. Man City are midway through a Champions League clash against Real Madrid which surely they must be prioritizing. The likes of Liverpool are expected to heavily rotate their squads while the likes of out-of-form Everton and Watford with nothing but pride to play for give us difficult to predict squad selections. A number of the GW33 wildcard punts failed and now we are left considering the likes of Defoe, Carroll, and Andros Townsend to make the difference.

So what to do at times like these? Well, I’ll leave that up to you.


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