Firstly congratulations to Leicester City. Truely inspirational. Amazing. All credit to Ranieri, Vardy, Okazaki, Ulloa, Mahrez, Drinkwater, Albrighton, Kante, Huth, Morgan, Fuchs, Simpson & Schmeichel. They have done what no-one thought was possible and won the premier league, and now Gary Lineker must present the first MOTD next season in just his pants. For some reason Pete is very excited about this.


Whilst Leicester’s team performances this season have been truly amazing and wonderful to watch, they have also brought a realisation to me. I believe that the “big” clubs are now just a bunch of mercenaries who quite clearly don’t care about the club they play for or the the team they are part of; I assume I am not alone in thinking this. Yes, I am talking about you Eden Hazard and yes I am talking about Chelsea (plus both Manchester teams and Arsenal while we are at it).


Secondly, apologies for the lateness of this review. Life has been getting in the way of fantasy football recently to the detriment of my team. Consequently this GW review may also run into a Gw37 preview cos thats how we roll at FFUK, no rules. I am sure you want to know how the last gameweek went down and how the FFUK league looks with just 2 gameweeks left of this amazing season. Unfortunately an untimely red arrow for me this week means much of this review may be tinged with sadness/bitterness.

I don’t need to tell you what happened in each of the games over the weekend. You must have watched Match of the Day by now. So lets gloss over all that and concentrate on what is really important and that is what is going on in FFUK. Here is the league table in all its glory.

Screenshot 2016-05-04 at 3.07.07 PM

The Top 3 in the league are as you were, Sam Blake (1st), Lester Deeble (2nd) and Paul Baker (3rd). But its tight – just 17 points split the top 3. It’s as tight as Lineker’s pants. We are way past squeaky bum time now, I’m not sure there is even a name for this stage of the season. There is then a gap of just 13 points to Jonathan Britcher (4th). A quick look tells me that Blakey & Jonathan are both all out of chips, whilst Lester & Paul both have TC available. I do too but perhaps that is less relevant. As we approach GW37 with several sides facing 2 games in a gameweek this looks like the ultimate week to use the chip. Or do you risk saving it til GW38 where arguably there are more standout captaincy options?

triple c

But behind the top 4 there are several managers who still harbour realistic ambitions of winning the league. And why not. If Leicester City can then anyone can. Who is your money on to win FFUK 2015/16?

Richard Harrison (6th) was the top scorer in the league with 77 points. What a time to turn in a total like that! Bravo. This was despite using the AOA chip (which most now agree is fairly useless and hopefully will be changed next season for something better). Deeney (C) caught the headlines and was responsible for 26 of Richard’s points but he was also one of a few lucky managers to have Newcastle’s Karl Darlow in goal. The Newcastle keeper saved a penalty in a 1-0 win which meant a bumper 15 points. Seriously though, Karl Darlow. I give up.

Dan McBrearty (26th) also had a great gameweek scoring 72 points with Darlow once again providing points galore. Plus Dan chose to captain Townsend which, on a week where many popular captains picks failed, was a genius move. Next up for Newcastle is Villa which is basically as good as a double gameweek.


Aguero’s no show hurt several managers including myself. Not many were stupid enough to have KDB as well who also sat this one out. I did. Is it now time to get rid of all City assets as clearly their manager doesn’t care about the league after putting all his eggs in one champions league shaped basket? That went well. Maybe City should try shooting at the goal if they want to win a game. I am glad they went out and I wont miss Pellegrini’s mentality. I am now left with KDB & Aguero in my team but have City given up?

Neil Stewart (10th) has timed his run late, is it too late? I spent last week in Amsterdam on a Stag do with Neil but I knew little of the plan he had up his sleeve. Actually it wasn’t so much of a plan as a bunch of punts (or am I being unkind?) 65 points was impressive. Darlow in nets. Makes sense now. Payet, Townsend, Welbeck & Defoe all did the business. Welbeck even started on the bench for some reason – Wenger must have decided that the best way to ensdure a league placing no higher than 4th he must start Giroud every game. Sanchez (C) was a very popular pick but it didn’t hurt Neil too badly. It will take a monumental effort for Neil to win the league but his late run has certainly caught the eye. I am sure he will be on Pete’s list of ones to watch for next season.


James Coward (8th) was the stag on the aforementioned Amsterdam trip. His performance over there was nothing short of incredible. However, he certainly had an almighty FPL hangover scoring just 29 points with Payet the only scorer of note. However, considering this is his first FPL season he has done incredibly well and is still well in with a shout of the the top.

With the end in sight, managers may be more willing to take hits. In fact, if the league is not winnable it is perfectly acceptable to set your sights on a new target and with plenty of teams with a DGW there could easily be opportunity to win the best GW score.

James Page-Chatton (42nd) has certainly chosen this route and made 6 transfers last week to set himself up for GW37. He also has his bench boost available so there is every chance of a big score.  Perhaps Matt Judd (39th) might want to take this option after an abysmal 24 points last week, the lowest score in the league, ouch. Other than Payet the rest of his team played like Aston Villa. Still, with a TC chip available there is always hope.

So are you ready for the double gameweek? I still need to make my transfer(s) but there is plenty of time for me to tinker… I have money to burn as I want rid of at least 1 of my big money players. But who do I bring in?

hazard eos

I still have no Chelsea players despite them having a double and I fear that after spoiling the Spurs party there really is nothing left to play for now. Historically it is always better to back the teams with something left to fight for. And Chelsea gave up fighting a long time ago. But I still keep looking at Hazard and thinking what if? Like one last fling for old times with an ex girlfriend. I know I shouldn’t. Or should I?

Finally have you heard about our End of Season Party on Saturday 11th June – Can you join us? For more details click here and please let us know ASAP if you can make it.









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