Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is not a second to lose. While we are still all partying after Leicester’s sensational Premier League title win, we need to remember that Euro 2016 is not just around the corner, it’s already here (sort of).

I’m sure you will all be pleased to hear that of course, we are running a FFUK mini league for the tournament and will be going with the official Fantasy game, sponsored by everyone’s favourite Scottish burger chain, McDonalds.


For those that played the Brazil World Cup 2014 game, the format is the same. Please find below: a link to the game, the mini league code and rules pasted from the website.

If you would like to enter a team it will cost £5 per person. Please then arrange payment to your agent or myself or Peter before the start of the tournament. If you need bank details please just drop us an email but I believe most of you have them already. Anyone who has not paid (or at least made arrangements with us to pay) will be removed from the league on the eve of the tournament! You have been warned.



N.B. We will be playing the Fantasy 16 game and not the Fantasy 7’s.

First, go to the link above and create an account if you haven’t already got one, then select your team and add it to the league.

Please also note that this website is nowhere near as good as the FPL site so we would advise you to get your team sorted in plenty of time as it is highly likely to slow down on the eve of the tournament. However, it is the official, and the best game available in our opinion.

Chris and myself will be on hand to confirm game rules as it is a different format to the FPL game.



Enter the mini league code below to join the FFUK league


RULES (from official website)

How to play
Welcome to McDonald’s Fantasy ’16 – the official Fantasy game for UEFA EURO 2016.

Your team earns points based on how your selected players perform in real-life matches. So remember to finalise your team before a match begins.

Here are four easy steps to get you started:

  1. Registration
    To play McDonald’s Fantasy ’16, you can log in or register using Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, Microsoft or your UEFA account.
  2. Create your team
    Select the best 15 players within a budget of €100 million. You need a starting XI and four substitutes. There is a cap on the number of players you can select from the same team.
  3. Manage team
    Your team will be locked only when the first match of the day starts, so you can make any changes you need to your team until the scheduled start of the match – you can transfer/substitute players depending whether it’s a transfer or substitution period.

You can make unlimited transfers before the first game of the tournament and knockout stage. However, during the tournament you will have limited number of transfers.

The substitution period will be available between gamedays where you can replace a starting XI player with a bench player.



We will announce confirmed prizes for the FFUK league once we have a better idea of numbers but if we get 30 teams then we will likely give prizes to the Top 4 teams.

The game itself also has some great prizes.

For more info go to http://eurofantasy.uefa.com/en/fantasy16/prizes

Any questions at all just let us know via email ffukfantasypremierleague@gmail.com



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