We were treated to Friday Night Football for the first time this season. I have to say I loved it. Once the early deadline had passed, everyone was set, the WhatsApp group was buzzing with excitement and those of us with Zlatan in our side sat down to enjoy Friday’s game with a glass of something after a long week. Cheers! Pogba’s first start for Utd showed glimpses of what he will offer but let’s be honest it was the Zlatan show. He didn’t exactly boss the game but he turned up when it mattered. 2 Goals. Max Bonus.


Panic for everyone who didn’t own him and now he is THE most owned player in the game. His price is on the RISE. More teams now own Zlatan than Aguero. How would the little Argentinian magician reply against Stoke on Saturday lunchtime? In style of course, after missing 2 penalties in Europe earlier in the week, normal service was resumed. Followed by a deft header. 2 Goals. Max Bonus. Even at this early stage the question has to be asked – are both Zlatan and Aguero essential?

Certainly if the number of transfers in are anything to go by then they are. I would like to point out that Peter was one of a number of the WhatsApp regulars to panic hit the transfer button on Friday night (twice). Incredibly early, but the price rises forced his hand. Will he regret it? Can his threadbare squad cope? At least he has company for the ride. Don’t worry guys, I will be updating Pete throughout the week on all his squad injuries and problems.

dare to not zlatan

If you don’t own the big boys then you better hope you had Boro’s Nolito and Stuani who both equalled the Zlaguero score of 13 points each. I am guessing they might not keep that up for the rest of the season though.

In nets Tom Heaton (10) was the best GK after a clean sheet against the incredibly inconsistent Liverpool, plus saves and max bonus.


Not too many were talking up Hull defenders pre season. But Curtis Davies (12) was the highest scoring defender of the gameweek, closely followed by the much more popular Luke Shaw (11). The next best was Sunderland’s Van Aanholt (9) who began his tally for the season after netting 5 goals last time round.

In midfield the big scoring names were less familiar. Im not sure anyone would be too happy with a midfield of Nolito (13), Maloney (11), Wanyama (11) and Antonio (11). But they would have been very happy this GW.

The story of the gameweek was all about the 2 heavy hitting forwards. However the points on offer from some of the less fancied picks certainly give us food for thought going forward. I for one, will be looking very closely at Hull’s next performance. After Leicester last season, the rule book is now out of the window. Hull City in the Champions League next season? Stranger things have happened.

Now we go over to Peter in FFUK corner for a little look at how its all panning out on Page 1 of the league table…

Screenshot 2016-08-23 at 12.30.55 PMScreenshot 2016-08-23 at 12.31.12 PM

“Thanks Chris. Highest scorer in the entire league this week goes to Mark Tarbox (11th) with 86 points. Quite a few here and there hit the 80 point mark, but Tarbox’s score hit the top. Notably, Mark wasn’t in the Top 50 after Gameweek 1, which just shows the impact that big scores (and small scores) can make at this stage of the season. For example, just 10 points separates the whole of Page 2, and 15 points separates places 50 from 150, which is not a lot really is it. But the point is not that league position is irrelevant at this stage, on the contrary, especially when considering that the margin increases at the top; 25 points is the current distance from 40th to 1st.

But 1st place is a bit Meh anyway right? I’m sure Stuart Allen (1st) agrees. Coming up with a solid 66 points in the first gamweek saw Stuart finish the week in 8th place but this week he excelled to the top spot with 84 points. A fine score and not very Meh in our opinion. Stuart has set up well with the Zlaguero combo, and seemingly he was one of the ballsy few to play Capoue (9) for his second consecutive goal in GW2. Backed up with Shaw (11), Bellerin (9) and De Gea (6), he also had Hazard for a 4 point twinkle. Well done Stuart.

It’s worth pointing out that only 6 of the current Top 50 captained neither Zlatan or Aguero, and 1 of them was a Mané captain that dropped to a Zlatan vice. Fair play to the likes of Sam Blake (18th) who got 74 points with the captain’s armband on Kane. That’s strength and depth right there.

Looking at the rest of the Top 10, Matthew Cox (4th), Chris Galloway (6th), Steve Cronin (2nd) and Toby Jones (5th) all consolidated their Top 10 status this gameweek. Coxy and Galloway are seasoned vets, which is a worrying sign for some of us, but it’s good to see new boy Toby Jones up there, along with my protégé Steve, who believe it or not, I am still helping!

Andy Jackson dropped from 1st to 3rd but that’s not really an issue now is it. Also, significantly, last season’s champion Mr Paul Baker entered the Top 10 this gameweek. I’m going to put my balls out on the chopping board right now. Actually no, I’m putting them back in my pants. Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that Mr Baker (9th) can be expected to be a mainstay in the upper echelons this season. You heard it here first yeah.

Finally a word on Vladimir Voronkovs (7th) who is usually a Page 3 stalwart. I’ve definitely being playing with Vlad for at least five seasons now and I have never seen the likes of this, Vlad soaring into the Top 10 in gameweek 2 off the back of the Zlaguero combo and a cheeky double Leicester defence too. Is this Vlad’s season?


Now personally I detest this sort of thing, asides of the blind/not blind styling and the hammering such dross gets on Magic FM, its also a massive Dylan rip off, exactly the sort of thing that Magic listeners are just never going to get, ‘oh I prefer the Gabrielle version’ – insert expletives. Anyway, it’s a song clearly made to describe Zlatan’s current situation, he rose in price on Friday night but will he rise again?

For those that haven’t heard the original version of ‘Knocking on Heaven’s door’, it isn’t actually on youtube so I thoroughly recommend the soundtrack to ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’ which is available on vinyl, cd, or just listen to it on spotify.”

Thanks Pete, especially for that musical rant. I think I prefer the Gabrielle version.

For everyone else, if you after something cooler then please check out this classic from 1979, Herb Alpert’s RISE. Very cool.

Finally, we are just in the process of collating the monies from the agents and will have confirmation on prizes very soon.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend FFUKers!


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