Soccer - Liverpool fancy dress Christmas Party
Recognise any of these chaps at their Xmas do? Hint: it was a few years back. There is a prize for anyone who gets them all.

Welcome to the gameweek 15 review. It’s a busy time of year with a glut of xmas parties and festive preparations taking over but we must make sure we have our priorities sorted. There is a barrage of Premier League games coming up over the next few weeks. Gameweek 15 came and went over the weekend and gameweek 16 is hot on its heels. What a RUSH!


There is a feast of football coming our way and loads of games on TV, for those in the UK this is a very useful website which shows exactly which games are on what channel. A little early gift from me to you. Dont worry I don’t want anything in return.


Back to the gameweek in hand and with the xmas RUSH in mind, I am going straight to the FFUK top 50 review. No time for mucking about. Lets look at what happened in gameweek 15…


The top 3 remain as they were but the chasing pack are closing in. Stuart Newton (1st) remains at the pinnacle courtesy of 55 points via captain Sanchez (10), VVD (9) and Costa (8) but it was his pick of Wilf Zaha (16) that really stands out. Bravo Stuart but can you hold on to top spot?

John Harper (4th) was the best scorer in the top 10 with 75 points. John captained Costa (16) with support from Lukaku (12), Ozil (10), Alonso (6) and the aforementioned Zaha (16). Did I miss the memo about Wilf? Looks like a great pick (especially at 5.6) now in hindsight!


Best scorer in the top 50 however goes to Stephen Baker (41st) with a whopping 78 points. Well played Stephen. Captain Lukaku (24) was a great start to the weekend (only 2 FFUKers went with big Rom captain this weekend!) and it steadily got better with Holebas (7), Amat (6), Siggy (13), Costa (8), Sanchez (5) and Walcott (7) all providing returns.

Well played also to Mark Mitchell (31st) who was another man in the 70s for the gameweek. His fresh wildcard team scored 74 with the likes of Captain Costa (16), Siggy (13), Zaha (16), DDG (8) and Mane (8) all bringing home the points for Mark.

The Average FPL score this gameweek was 46 so my score of 40 is pretty pathetic. I am hanging in there but my defence is in tatters. Mustafi (1) has to go as he is injured. Stones (0) and Lovren (0) are worse than useless. I am now relying on Amat (6) to save the day in midweek. I need a miracle from the fantasy gods or a couple of quick transfers. Thankfully the rush of these fast coming gameweeks means there is very little time to reflect. Lets move on. Quickly.


There were some scores worse than mine this week, not many I hasten to add. It’s only fair that we look at them. I will try and keep it brief, like pulling off a plaster. Lets get it over with.

The worst score in the top 50 this week goes to Neil Freeland (24th) with 35 points. Captain Hazard (6) wasn’t the best pick but you were not alone, 23 FFUKers gave the armband to Eden. Unfortunately the rest of his squad didn’t really contribute other than Costa (8), Walcott (7) and Sanchez (5). On the flip side, its not long til we go again and your side looks decent. Hopefully it was just a blip. That is what I am telling myself anyway!

Josh Kelly (16th) and Loz Kelly (27th) also struggled managing 37 and 39 points respectively. They both captained Iheanacho (2) which is where it all started to go wrong after he was hauled off after just 58 mins on Saturday! Once again though your sides both look balanced and full of the premium picks. They both have Macaulay (1), Sanchez (5), Hazard (3), a liverpool mid each, Costa (8) and Kane (2) so i don’t think it is time to panic just yet. If it helps I am panicking.

Think that is it for now. Don’t forget in all the RUSH that the cups are still going on so make sure you know where you are at with these by checking the relevant tabs on the site, if you are still in them that is. Plus make sure you look out for more stats courtesy of the Hoffmeister, Steve Cronin (30th). We will be back with another gameweek review later this week once the midweek matches are over with. Until then enjoy more of the festive fixtures. I am off to research a whole new defence.

Before I forget here is a picture of Olivier Giroud in some weird Captain America/Arsenal outfit and he isn’t happy about something. Maybe it is the fact that Arsenal are going out of the Champions League at the last 16 stage once again. Au Revoir.


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